Blogmas 2022

Hello and welcome to another year of Blogmas posts! I honestly cannot believe we are here already again. I probably won’t ever stop saying that. In reading some of my old Blogmas posts, I have realized just how much I have changed even in just the last 5 years. I used to really plan the heck out of our holiday season. I would start by making an advent calendar and planning out something for literally each day. It was fun while it lasted, but I am in a different place now. Some things just don’t feel as important or necessary to me. In some ways I wonder if perhaps I am losing my spirit, something that I thought was never even a possibility for me. The holidays do not need to be jam packed with activities, events, and even people to feel joyous. In fact, I unequivocally believe that we should be spending more time with ourselves and doing things that bring us joy verses spending our time with things and people that put us on edge.

I give you full permission to make this holiday season joyful by monitoring those things or people you are dreading about and saying “no” more.

Your sanity matters.

The other day I got to thinking about the holiday season and its reminders of spreading kindness and cheer. In thinking about that I thought, there are so many ways to do that without even having to spend a single penny. I decided to compile a list of the things I thought of that I have done or will be doing this year to spread kindness and cheer.

Obviously there are so many more ways to spread kindness and cheer, let me know how you plan to or are spreading the joy this season!

☃️ jenn

Blogmas is like a countdown to Christmas for me. It is one post a day for 25 days in December.☆


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