November 2022 Highlights

November, a month to reflect on the things we are thankful for. I decided to try and do what I am thankful for each day, in the form of photos. I figured I could use the challenge of paying attention to the great things in life. Even when times are hard and my body feels to be working against me, there is always something not to be taken for granted. Life is too short to stay focused on the hard parts.

Nov 1

We have 5 pets in our home, 3 cats and 2 dogs. 2 of my pets tend to be protective of me and offer me comfort in times of need (they just seem to know). Pictured here is Synyster [we call him Syny] cuddling me when I was having a painful and emotional time. He tends to be the most in-tune with me. I am grateful for my pets.

Nov 2

I am grateful for having hobbies. ☆This is my yarn box. There are many like it, but this one is mine. ☆

Nov 3

No picture today, but I am grateful for pinterest for all the ideas and inspiration!

Nov 4

Family movie nights. We switched them to Fridays now. I am grateful that we take the time to pause, stay home, relax, and just be together. 《We watched The Bad Guys》

Nov 5

Thankful for my village and helping me bring ideas to life 🙏 🙌 ❤️. Not pictured is my sister’s boyfriend who helped us transport all the wood, so grateful! Plus being able to borrow all the tools from people definitely saved on costs!

Nov 6

Scooters 🤩

Nov 7

Organizing always makes me feel accomplished and a little less stressed.
This is after going from 6 toy bins to 3, a full trashbag of garbage/junk, and finding 5,894 dirty socks stuffed into random places. 😳 😵 ☆I am also reminded why I dislike paying full price for things, just for them to be colored on, cut, broken etc.

Nov 8

Spent all afternoon constructing this sweater so that she wasn’t using her own underwear as bear clothes 🤣🥰

Nov 10

I think I found my new doctor today 🤞

Nov 11

I didn’t take pictures, but I am grateful for resale/consignment stores for saving me boat loads of money on kids clothing!

Nov 12


Nov 13

More than anything I am grateful for my husband.

Nov 14

Making people smile.

Nov 15

We have started receiving holiday cards again this year from people we did a global exchange with last year. 🥰 This is the 2nd one we got, from New York!

Nov 16

One of my favorite things is making gifts for others. I don’t want to sound conceded, but I am grateful that I am a giving person.

Nov 18 – errands day, no pictures

Nov 19

Family outings trying local places. 🍦 ☕️ 🍪

Nov 20

Finding the best chocolate chip cookie recipe. 🍪

Nov 21

Mail call!

Nov 22

Finally back to work today. I am incredibly grateful for my employer.

Nov 23

Chill evenings with no agenda.

Nov 24

My family. Only missing one person.

Nov 25

Their excitement over dessert for breakfast 😊

Nov 26 -thankful for our progress on projects – no pictures incase any lurkers are peaking! 🤣

Nov 27

Went to our town’s holiday magic event

Nov 28

Every day is a good day for tacos!

Nov 29

Leg lamp, it brings me joy.

Nov 30

Having a job that you don’t dread and feel like you are making a difference for kids 💙

Time sure does fly! Moving into December and starting Blogmas tomorrow! Who’s ready?!



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