What’s Up?

Hey hey hey! What’s up, how’s it going, what’s new? I hope you are well! It’s currently nearing 10pm on a Tuesday and I just felt like writing a little some-some.

I just started my third class in my Masters program. So far the classes have been pretty easy and I have been getting all As, woo! I just started a psychological theories class this week, hopefully it maintains my interest 😅.

I have been on a leave from work for about a month now. My feet have become increasingly painful to be on, making even my normal day to day difficult. I finally got into two different doctors in this past week and am hopeful to get back to functioning. Though, I know it won’t be instantaneous.

I have been trying to keep occupied with crocheting. I have finished a lot of projects and still have several to go. Here, I will show you some!

I like to multi-task while crocheting and watching or listening to things. I have been watching a lot of Adventures with a purpose videos on YouTube. They are a volunteer dive team that searches bodies of water for missing people’s vehicles/remains. I also like to watch CourtTV type things or just New Girl episodes on Netflix for the 589393 time.

Anyway…we are gearing up for the holiday season here. I am going all hand made gifts for our families this year, yup, I am doing it! Pretty exciting and fun to see things come to life. We also have Isla’s holiday dance recital coming up next month. We actually just got her outfit for it tonight she is going to look like a colorful sparkly candycane haha.

Speaking of Isla, she decided to go through a growth spurt recently. One day she got up and couldn’t get any of her pants on. Luckily I was able to run to the resale store where every item is one dollar and got her a whole new wardrobe 😅. She will be 6 years old in January, but is already wearing size 8 clothing, what the heck! We sure make some tall kids!

My oldest is 9 and he is already wearing size 14 clothes. I joke that I am going to start sneaking coffee into their foods to stunt their growth. Sometimes I feel like I can’t keep up! At least the youngest is still wearing his age group sizing 😅. Oh, speaking of Harrison [the youngest, age 3], he has been on a Kiss [the band] obsession for the last few months now. What started as an innocent movie night watching a Scooby Doo movie, lead to his constant need to repeatedly play all of the Kiss songs 478393920 times a day. He has stopped playing with toys entirely as he only wants to mock every member of the band. If you missed my October highlights post, guess what, or who, he was for Halloween……

None other than Gene Simmons. By far my favorite Halloween costume choice yet, constructed by yours truly. My husband even told me how awesome it was for me to make Harrison’s rock n roll dreams come true. I do what I can 😇.

Although we are preparing for the holiday season, I feel like it should still be July. I am honestly not feeling in the spirit yet. I think partially it’s because I put a lot of obligation on myself and it makes it feel more stressful to me. Though it is meant to bring joy to others, I often feel overextended. I am really trying to scale down my need to make the season feel a certain way. At the same time, I feel like it might be cheating my kids out of something or another. Yay mom guilt.

We do have a lot of things coming up the next couple of months.

  • Thanksgiving [times 2]
  • A holiday show we have tickets for
  • My birthday
  • Dance recital
  • Holiday activities (town Christmas and the like)
  • Christmas eve
  • Christmas
  • Doctor’s appointments
  • Isla’s birthday
  • Dentist appointments

It is easy for it to feel overwhelming when you look at all the obligations. Luckily it’s spaced out and not all at once. I really am trying to keep focused on finding my joy and not feeling obligated to overextend myself.

Are you ready for the holidays already? Are you feeling a little bahumbug about it? Do you overextend yourself to try and appease others or make the holidays feel a certain way? What are you doing for you?! Talk to me about it!

I suppose I should try to get some sleep now.


🌙 jenn


2 replies to “What’s Up?

  1. I love the costume! Definitely one that will have stood out. I remember having young children and how busy it was before Christmas. Now they are older, life is less hectic but I do miss the events at school and their excitement as Christmas approached. They still enjoy spending Christmas with us and they still put out stockings even now. Enjoy the magic for a few more years. 😁😁

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    1. He is still talking about being Gene again next year and listening to Kiss every day all day haha.
      This is actually our first year with events at school (yay covid) so I am excited for that! I know the years are short with them being young. Every season of life has it’s challenges for sure, they are all bitter sweet in their own ways.

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