October 2022 Highlights

A little bit of life…

I created this for ADHD awareness month.

October 1

Spent the daylight hours crocheting and watching the Dahmer series on Netflix. We had some friends over for a bonfire in the evening.

October 2

Spent the majority of the day lounging around, even took a nap! We sporadically went geocaching before dinner.

October 3

Movie night: Corpse Bride

October 4

Overall an interesting and upbeat day. Watched The Munsters [2022]. I also forgot to mention, we are officially potty trained and our household no longer buys diapers! πŸ₯³

October 5

Being told that I am the coolest teacher by a 5th grader 😎.

October 6

Working on my Christmas gift projects πŸ˜πŸŽ„

October 7

Nothing exciting to talk about unless you count our daughter being treated for walking pneumonia. πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’«

October 8

October 9

Cleaned out the garage and went through all of the holiday totes. We left this stuff on the curb for free for a few hours then wound up taking it to the goodwill. Decluttering πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘. Ended the night watching The Shining.

October 10

Monday movie night, The Addams Family.

October 11

Woke up not feeling great with sinus and throat junk. 😫

October 12

October 13

Had the kids watch this with me; a movie from my childhood 🀣. I could only find it on YouTube – thank you internet!

October 16

Losing track of days over the weekend. Spent time with both of our families and working on my crochet projects. Watched The Addams Family 2 and American Psycho.

October 17

Spent the morning baking goodies with my little dude, slow dancing with him to Beth, and typing a 1,400 word paper for class. Monday movie night we watched Clifford The Big Red Dog.

October 18

We have acquired all of our neighbor’s leaves πŸƒ

Started watching Mind Over Murder on HBOmax.

October 19

Spent most of my day crocheting. I also raked a lot of the leaves, the kids jumping and dragging each other on sleds through the mound πŸ˜†. We finally were able to visit my brother who I haven’t seen since May, the kids were very excited too.

Watched more of Mind Over Murder.

October 20

Attended a webinar on ADHD and the brain. Also did more crocheting, here are the kid’s hats.

October 21

We took our 3 kids, one niece, and one friend to Baseballoween. We got to see “Nebraska’s first ever drone light show”.

October 22

We went to the pumpkin patch, Isla had a dance performance there.

October 23

Ran a couple of errands and then spent the day hanging out at home. I watched The Sixth Sense while crocheting.

October 24

Homework. Crocheting. Brinner. Monday movie night: Ghostbusters Afterlife.

Apple Cranberry pie πŸ₯§

October 25

October 26

Cleaned walls today. Reminder to clean your vents and blinds/curtains. They tend to collect dust and allergens! πŸ˜‰πŸ™‚ I also made homemade Hawaiian Banana bread 🀀

October 27

Our insurance did a scavenger hunt for pumpkins to trade in for a bucket of treats and we wound up getting one!

October 29

My daughter and I love gift wrapping 😊
This year’s pumpkins. A late model, Naruto, fairy with flower, Gene Simmons, and It’s Corn!

October 30

One of my many projects. Not quite done yet with this one.

October 31

What a day! Started with getting the kids up and off to school. I got 2 chilis going in my crockpots. Pumpkin seeds roasted and seasoned. Finished Harrison’s costume. Did dishes. Sold an item off Facebook. Wrote a 2100 word essay and finished other assignments. Had family come over for food and trick r treating. Harrison was the hit of the neighborhood! πŸ€˜πŸ–€πŸŽ€πŸŽΈ

The holiday season is about to begin. Where has the year gone!?



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