September 2022 Highlights

Let’s try something new this month for this recap! I am calling it, an outfit a day September!

September 1

Day 2 of basement redo. What would painting be without adorning some overalls? I also tested out some foam rollers again, not too shabby this time! (Direction is everything!)

September 2

Still not feeling all that great, so I kept it loungey with a tshirt and these comfy skeleton hands butt grabbin shorts. 💀

September 3

I am calling it, get shit done Saturday! Started with some self care, chores, running errands, and then had a whole evening to myself to work on the basement!

September 4 and 5 – no outfit to report as I was covered in paint all day finishing up the majority of the basement.

September 6 – forgot to take a picture, but I wore green camo shorts and a black tshirt that has pink lips on it

September 7

We saw a glorious sun rise behind the fog this morning. Picture doesn’t do it enough justice.

September 8 – lounge clothes and chores day, nothing exciting in the wardrobe to note. I did paint my nails though 💅 a dark red that is almost black.

September 9 –

This was my, hurry and get a picture before school. Blurry but you get the idea 💡.
At my desk in my classroom. Mornings are cold in here so a sweater is necessary!

Missed a few days, oops.

September 13 –

Got all ready for work and was getting the kids ready just to realize that Isla was having an eye problem. I wound up having to keep her home to get into the doctor. 🏳😵

September 14 –

Tired mom alert. 2 sick kiddos at home. Doctor’s appointment. Target run for meds. Trying to be productive at home since it was technically a work day. Feeling the guilt of society’s conditioning 😖🖕.

My hat makes me happy. My school binder is now also my “get your shit together” binder.

September 15 –

Kids still sick and I think I am getting it now. Loungey clothes and a budgeting and planning sort of day.

September 17 –

A fitting shirt for the day. Did a little decluttering, but still feeling under the weather. Watching Practical Magic.

September 18 –

He’s my favorite human. We were all getting a little stir crazy at home.

September 19 – no outfit report today. Harrison is still sick, after we thought it was getting better.

September 20 – another day of looking shlumpy with my painted clothes and no bra 🤣

September 21 –

It’s cool and breezy and the leaves are starting to fall. 🍂

Missed a day with these sick kiddos and me being exhausted.

September 23 –

Finally feeling better, we took the kids to Disney Junior Live.

September 24 –

September 25 –

September 26 –

Coffee, cleaning, and music. I am really enjoying ghosts 👻 this year. I also did yardwork and we had Monday movie night watching The Neverending Story.

September 27 –

September 28 –

Had some medical tests done in the AM followed by some cleaning and homework.

September 29 – my back decided to have an episode the night before, so I spent majority of the day relaxing, no outfit to report. However I did find this on pinterest and thought I would share it. Thoughts?

September 30 –

September definitely had its ups and downs, but the weather change helped maintain the calm in me. So for that I am grateful.

Also, I am taking ideas for what to include in next month’s recap, if you have any ideas let me know!

Onto the spooky month of October.



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