First Day Of Autumn

Although the weather seems to be flipflopping between summer and fall here in Nebraska, I am definitely in the Autumn state of mind. We had a few cool and rainy days this last week and I was totally feelin’ it. Luckily today is cooler and the rain is coming.

I have been pulling out the Autumn colors in my wardrobe. I have been using our crockpots a lot, which means a lot of soup and comfort type meals. I even made an apple pie from scratch yesterday from the apples we picked!

One thing I decided not do this year, is decorate the inside of the house. It tends to add a cluttered look to our house. Things get broken or moved to avoid getting broken and I end up with one counter full of these items. Not only that, but my aesthetic preferences have changed and these things no longer bring me the same joy as they once did. I decided to donate the items I no longer want and kept some of the pumpkins that I can paint to fit my new tastes. I may or may not do that this year, I haven’t really decided.

We did, however, decorate the front yard! I wanted something that would be sufficient for the season and double as a Halloween-esque yard. We went to a local farmer stand for the gourds, cornstalk, and some hay bales. I got a few mums and a cute light up ghost for the porch.

We have some houses in the neighborhood that go all out for Halloween yard decorations. I wish I had the energy to keep up with the capacity of those yards, but knowing myself to know I don’t saves me the stress. I have seen some yards with skeletons that are as tall as the house itself, they are pretty neat, but I don’t know how well they would hold up in my yard with those north winds. I have always wanted skeletons and so we wound up buying 3, even though I really wanted 2 adults and 3 kids 😅. I just wanted them to be something that passersbys would see and giggle at. Put a little joy in their day and mine when I see them when we arrive home.

The kids each named one. From left to right we have Zizzy Zazzy, Jeffrey, and Jack. I really want to get Zizzy a wig, maybe this weekend 🤔.

More than anything though, I really am ready for the weather changes. I don’t even mind the gloomy rainy days. I just love having the windows open! The bonus is not having as many bugs as it cools down too, I am so over them invading my space.

Other things I am excited about this season are; getting crafty, learning some new skills, giving to people, seeing people I haven’t seen in awhile, figuring out Halloween costumes and buying them, outdoor movie nights and bonfires, new socks, scenic drives, and taking the time to slow down.

What are you looking forward to this Autumn? Did your first day of Autumn still seem more like Summer or did you get blessed with the Autumn weather? What are you vibin’ right now? Let’s chat!



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