August 2022 Highlights

Starting the month of with some feels…Look for those moments of joy each and everyday, no matter how hard the day feels. There is always one moment.

August 1 – Totally unmotivated morning, but wound up making waffles (from scratch) to freeze, cookies for fun, and cleaning up the living areas of the house. We also finally have peppers growing!

Monday movie night: The Goonies

August 2 – Puppy snuggles from my newly adopted sister Harlo. 🐾

August 3 – Errands done before 11am! Also, picking up my prize from the library’s Summer Reading Program, woohoo!

August 4 – Miss Isla had her clothing haul come in so we had a little fashion show.

August 5 – My oldest son returned home from his 2 day vacation 🥰

August 6 – literally 106° outside! We did go to the library and run a couple of errands and then had microwaved smores later in the evening 🙃.

Some big marshmallows!

August 7th – A wonderful afternoon spent at Chris’ parent’s house celebrating his dad’s birthday and their 50th wedding anniversary! 💒🎂

August 8th – Got a lot accomplished! We also had open house at the kid’s school which was fun. I love the little community we have here!

Movie night: Lightyear

August 9th – First day at the new job!

August 10th – Isla’s first day of kindergarten!

August 11th – First day of 4th grade for my big kid!

August 12th – received these at work!

August 13th

Driving around during sunset discussing life changes and goals for our future.

August 14th –

August 16 – Having students being excited to see me 🥰

August 17 –

Trying to recreate a dish my grandpa use to make (only instead of pasta I used cauli-rice). Cant taste much still, but it’s something I have been wanting to try to make for a long time.

August 18th – Dishes, homework, and laundry done before noon! Had a very productive day all day long. Ended it with reading my book: Love Letters to the Dead by Ava Dellaira.

August 19th –

A good day!

August 20th –

August 21- woke up to Chris bringing me coffee from Scooters 🥰

August 24 – the kids and I created a fall poster with water colors

August 25 – Finished the book Love Letters To The Dead by Ava Dellaira; definitely recommend!

August 26 – The kids and I are all home with throat and sinus, noncovid, ickiness. Laying in bed in the morning listening to the rain 🌧 😌

August 27 –

August 28 –

Home made chocolate chip waffles 🧇 😋

August 29 –

Switched the chalkboard wall to a fall theme so everyone can add their fall bucketlist ideas.

August 31 – commencing operation basement!



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