Hobbies I Want To Try

I am a firm believer that we all need a hobby. Something that we do for the joy it brings ourselves. Without worrying about whether or not someone else is into it or not or whether or not it’s profitable. Do it for the thrill of it.

For instance, I have this current hobby of buying thrifted books. Obviously I want to read them all, but I can’t all at once! I am not THAT crazy! I still love hunting for them, finding covers I am drawn to, and looking at them on my shelf waiting to be chosen.

This isn’t all of them and some I have already read.

While I thoroughly am enjoying this hobby, I have started a mental list of others that I want to take a shot at. Whether I succeed or fail, these are the things I am drawn towards.

Hand Embroidery

I have been drawn to this FOR YEARS, at least since I have known my husband (12 years now). I have made up all the reasons not to try it out. Like, “when do I have time” or “surely my hands will be too shakey and crampy for that”. BUT, I really want to put those aside and see what happens. I am following this company on Facebook and the ads are so enticing! Not sponsored, but here is the link if you’re interested STITCHED STORIES.


Now some may not see it as a hobby and more of a survival skill. Either way, I think it would be really freaking cool to be able to have my own huge garden full of home grown food! I have never had a green thumb, but I think that’s because it takes research, knowledge, time, patience, and CONSISTENCY. I know this is something I will have to be fully involved in to be able to be fulfilled. Right now I only have so much space and while I have tried a few things, it hasn’t been all that successful. I also wouldn’t mind having chickens for eggs. I couldn’t see myself killing animals though, so it would be more of a vegetarian homestead. I also want to do composting!


To go along with the homesteading, I want to do canning! I love making food, especially from scratch. I think it would be really fun to have a pantry or cabinet dedicated to things that I have canned myself. I’m talking butters, jams, soups, stews, my own spices, beans, and everything in between. My sister in law is also nudging at me to do this and give them as gifts during the holidays!

Those are the 3 main ones I am wanting to start getting into. I have many interests and am trying to figure out how to include them all into my life somewhere. Things like finding a camper to renovate and being able to take it on all of the scenic trips our souls desire. Taking up sewing again. I still want to continue with painting and improving my penmanship. I also want to get back into hosting parties!

Just trying to get the most out of and live my best life!

What hobbies do you currently do? Do you have some your interested in, but haven’t taken the leap yet? Let me know!!



2 replies to “Hobbies I Want To Try

  1. I have tried embroidery, crochet, writing, acrylic painting, Pysanky (Ukrainian Easter Eggs), bead jewelry, counted cross stitch, piano, cake decorating, and my favorite…reading. I will be trying my hand at making Christmas ornaments for the grandkids. The important thing is to keep trying different things. Good luck.

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