July 2022 Highlights

July 1 We went to a dirt track race.

Harrison just loves racecars!

July 2 We went to wander the thrift store, ate at Five Guys, and bought some fireworks. Later that evening we did some yard work.

July 3 We cleaned out the gutters on the roof of the house, which was an interesting little adventure. We let the kids do some snappers, smoke bombs, and a few little things from the firework pile we got.

July 4th 🎆 🎇 🧨

We decided to have a family get together with my immediate family.

That evening,  around 1030pm or so, my oldest came to my room asking me to turn the internet back on so that he and my nephew could continue watching their show. I jokingly said, “what do I get?” And he replied with, “daddy will rub your feet.” I laughed and said, “daddy isn’t in this..” and he stood there for a bit contemplating. I said, “hmm what do I like…I like cookies, hot dogs, basically any food…” [naming leftovers we had] and he promptly left the room and went downstairs. 15 minutes go by and I figured he forgot about me. When all of a sudden…in comes my 9 year old with a plate full of food, a fresh bottle of water with ice, and even napkins! I was shocked! He really thought this through! He handed me everything and walked out, then a minute later he came back with an ice cream sandwich. He set it down with my plate and then walked out again. He came right back in and said, ” I will take your plate too when you’re done. Just call me when you’re ready.” It was the cutest thing! After awhile, without me reminding him, he came back up and asked for my plate and trash. What a guy! I was stunned by it as I really was just being silly and it turned into an in bed catering gig. 🥰

July 6th – We had cousins come over for a play date! We had lunch and then went to the splashpark and came back to the house for a movie.

July 8th – The kids all had their dentist appointments at one time. Everyone did great! No cavities!

July 9th – We had a cousins sleepover night. In total we had 9 kids from age 2 to 9. We had some snacks set up. We wound up having a face painting party and then played outside. The kids were catching fireflies in jars, which was fun to witness their excitement and nervousness (some of them think bugs are scary 😅). We ended the night with a movie and popcorn.

July 10th – Chill day at home. Played Animal Crossing with my best friend for a bit.

July 12th – made bead jewelry with the kids 🥰

July 13th – Chris brought me home flowers

July 14th – Chris texted me to meet him at one of his stops. He likely didn’t think I actually would without questioning, but I rounded up the kids, and the dogs, and we went to his location. When we arrived he was finishing putting his dumpster on the truck. Then he came over to the car and gave Harrison a little checkered flag. We gave him a cold soda to drink and then he said he had something for me but it’s big. I was confused and had no idea what he might of had, but he went to get it. He walked with it behind his back so I couldn’t see until he got to the car and then he showed me. He got me a leg lamp! 🤣 I have been asking for at least 3 years for a leg lamp and reminded him a couple weeks ago about it. So it was pretty funny that he wound up finding one. It was just missing the shade.

July 16th – We had packed up and ventured out for the day. We went to quickly visit Chris’ brother at the fair nearby and checked out some of the kids activities inside. After that we started to head out to the spot we wanted to hike at in Iowa. About 10 minutes into the drive we realized the clouds were getting darker. I checked the radar and sure enough the place we were heading to was getting heavy rain. We decided to take a raincheck on that and headed to downtown Omaha instead. We met up with my nephew and sister and explored the newly renovated Gene Leahy Mall. It was crazy to see it as it is now and remembering it as a kid. The big slides are still there in the same spot they have always been (dont forget to bring your wax paper!). Other than the fact that it was super busy, it was a good time enjoying the hot summer sun for a bit. We walked a few blocks from there to Ted and Wallys ice cream shop. Everyone enjoyed their choices of flavors for the day; I had a cookies and coffee flavor. I almost forgot to mention that we did bring the polaroid camera with us for the day. Isla took a lot of pictures with it. In doing so, it made me forget to take some on my phone.

July 17th – A wonderful afternoon spent with my in law’s. I definitely am lucky to have them!

July 18th – No screen monday! The kids and I did a lot of cleaning and laundry! After Chris got home we had dinner and then movie night. We watched the Sea Beast, we all enjoyed it!

July 19th – My joy was found when I went through all of my recipes, rewrote some on new recipe cards, and then laminated them all for my recipe box.

July 20th – The kid’s new teachers came for home visits. Wylan’s teacher was first, my dog was so excited she peed on the floor. Isla’s teacher came 5 minutes afterwards and Harrison was just hamming it up with her. It was pretty comical.

July 21 – the discovery of our first pumpkin growing for the season!

July 22 – I was offered and accepted a job!

July 23 – Found another pumpkin, a mini one growing on our fence!

July 25 – One of my book purchases was delivered! I think I have developed a book addiction 😅

July 27th – Making plans to get back on track for school. The kids and I also made home made cinnamon rolls. Oh and also…more BOOK MAIL! 📚

July 29 – My highlight was ordering some new clothes for my new job.

July 30 – Played in the pool with the kids, grilled and ate dinner outside, and then we had a family slumber party in the den watching moves. ❤️

July 31 – Lounged around and dyed Wylan and my hair.

I won’t lie, I am so ready for it to be August!

What were you up to this month? Or even this summer?


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