Asking my 5 year old random questions

I was having a random conversation with my 5 year old and decided to document it for safe keeping.

Who is the most beautiful human?


What makes me the most beautiful human?

Your ponytail and sometimes you wear makeup.

Where do babies come from?

In your tummy from heaven.

What is a problem in the world right now?

People littering, it will kill our earth!

What can you do to help fix the littering problem?

Pickup trash.

What do you want to do when you are a grown up?

Be a mom and a be a chef.

Do you like your name?

Yeah! I wouldn’t change it.

Who is the president of the USA?

I don’t know…

Do you know what the American flag looks like?

Yes. It is blue white and red and has stripes.

What is your favorite thing to do?

Paint and color. Play with barbies and baby dolls.

Are you excited for kindergarten?

Yeah.. to learn to write!

Where does money come from?

The bank.

Why do people work?

To get money.

What does it mean to be homeless?

That you don’t have parents anymore.

How old is your mother (me)?

Uhm I don’t know…thirteen? Twenty? Sixty one?

What is your favorite singer?

Something Else YT – Im Something Else

What is your favorite show?

YouTube videos. LankyBox.

What’s your favorite food?

Mac and cheeeeeeese

She decided she was done after that because Roblox is more important 🤣. I like asking my kids random questions just to see how their minds work. I try not to laugh at certain answers they give and I always use it as an opportunity for them to learn.



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