Back To School

While I am excited for my kids to get back into school, for the routine it provides us with, this post is actually…

about me.

I was talking to my sister-in-law last month and finally had this realization of where I can see myself going. Not long after that realization, I applied to start a Masters program! I was accepted and am just waiting for classes to start!

I will officially start the program mid-August for my Masters in Psychology. I have a tentative plan for where I am going afterwards, obtaining my certification in ABA therapy. My end goal is being able to work with children that have autism and other behavioral needs.

I am excited about the classes, it is all psychology classes. The program is 18 months long, which isn’t bad at all. So if you don’t hear from me for 18 months it’s because I am up to my ears in homework. 🤣 Just kidding, I will still be here too.

I am excited! Everything just feels right about this path. I keep looking back on things and thinking, “why didn’t I realize it then?” I can’t seem to answer that, but at least I have realized it now. Better late than never, right?

Ontop of that I am thinking about getting back out into the work force, too. We will see where the road leads.

🏫 👩‍🏫 jenn

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