June 2022 Highlights

So many things happened this month!

We started off the month with finishing up the house projects that have been going on since April. It was a process, but we are loving how it turned out!

Saturday [4th] – I took my mom to a comedy show to see the hilariously amazing Pinky Patel! We have been following her for about a year now on the “innerwebs” and when I saw she was coming I just knew we had to go! It was a good time and never a dull moment with my mom. She is thee best!

We celebrated Wylan’s 9th birthday! We decided to have 2 parties this year; one for family and one for his classmates. Does anyone else dislike the rule about inviting the entire class? Anyway..he decided on a Naruto theme this year. For the parties I kept the decor extremely minimal with just a happy birthday banner. I focused more on the themey snacks and activities. Of course he requested water balloons and all things outdoor water related as he usually does for his birthday. I think everyone had a good time and we were able to get some water time in before the rain came. We had his friend party at the park with same Naruto theme. Afterwards we had a boys only sleepover with pizza, swimming, bonfire, smores, and an outdoor movie screen.

Chris did get a week of vacation this month. We didn’t have any plans, but we made the best out of each day.

Monday [6th]  – We ran some errands and then we went to a local Mexican bakery where we bought nearly one of everything. I forgot to get pictures of that. Afterwards, per request of the children, we went to a pet store to hang out with all the animals. I especially enjoyed holding the bunnies.

When we got home, we hung out outside playing connect four while the kids swam in the pool. We had meatloaf for dinner and then decided to have a family movie night sleepover in the den (it was on the kid’s summer bucketlist). We watched Toy Story 3 and Into the Woods.

Tuesday [7th] – Went to the library for our outing. We signed up for The Summer Reading Program and got 3 bags worth of books! The kids also had lunch there, played on the computers, did puzzles, played with a wooden train set, and played with duplo blocks. My phone was basically dead so I didn’t get pictures. Afterwards we came home. I did some “work” and the kids and chris were outback swimming. My oldest nephew stayed the night with us. An intense hail storm came through that evening.

Wednesday [the 8th and also our oldest son’s birthday] – We took the kids on a day trip to the Platte River State Park. We went hiking, enjoyed a small waterfall area, had a picnic lunch, froze our toes off in crawdad creek, and played at the splash park. It went from a funfilled day to a bum day as soon as we returned home. I did get one of the books on my summer list read.

Thursday [9th] – Nothing too crazy to report. Anxiety all day for no real reason. We did have Isla’s dance rehearsal in the evening. We had a ramen and dumplings dinner.

Friday [10th] – Anxiety sticking around still. Did spend sometime outback in the sun while the kids played and swam. Mostly lounged around the house because of not feeling that great. Played Animal Crossing to occupy my mind.

Saturday [11th] – Isla’s dance recital day. Birthday party following that for my sister’s boyfriend’s kids. Left the party before the storm came through. Still not feeling too great.

She did awesome! I am so proud of her!

Sunday [12] – Still not feeling good at all so I stayed home, mostly in bed. Chris took the kids to his parent’s house and a local car show. I wound up ordering Panera and watching a few episodes of a series on hulu called Nine Perfect Strangers, played Animal Crossing, and took like an hour nap. I did do dishes and cut up a watermelon 🍉. Self care is so important!

Monday [13] – Despite not feeling all that great still and having a rough morning with my oldest son’s attitude…it wound up being a very productive day decluttering and cleaning. I always feel better when things are clean and in order.

Tuesday [14] – I took the kids to the library and then we went bowling. 🎳

Wednesday [15] – I invited my mom and nephew to go with us to see Dr. OXYGEN perform at the library. The kids really enjoyed it! I thought it was fun and enjoyed hearing all the kids laughing and ooh-ing and awe-ing.

Thursday [16] – craft day with the kids, painting rocks!

Friday [17] – highlight was getting Isla’s dance pictures in the mail. 😍🤩

Saturday [18] – We had my best friend’s son’s first birthday party followed by Wylan’s friend party at the park and boys only sleepover. We stayed outside most of the day even though the high was 94°. We had pizza, the kids played in the pool for like 4 hours, and then we had a bonfire with smores. We also had a projector screen outside where we watched Naruto until the boys were bored, and then we ended up watching the Lucas Oil Dirt Race on it.

Sunday [19th] – Celebrated Father’s day. Overall it was a good day.

Monday [20] – Spent some time outside in the pool.

Tuesday [21] – Catching up on the never ending piles of laundry while watching Tyler Henry videos. Deep cleaning my bathroom and decluttering it, always makes me feel good. Isla’s summer dance combo class also started and she has moved up a level!

Wednesday [22] – Library day! It also wound up being lego day at the library. The older 2 were working on building a beach with a beach house, play area, and ocean. I helped Harrison make a racetrack “replica” of i80 speedway.

Thursday  [23] – The kids spent their morning making me pictures before I even woke up. ❤️ I decided to let chores sit for a bit and read a book instead. 📖  The 2 older kids wound up going to my parent’s to stay the night. We had an ice cream and late models date in the den with our little guy. I also stayed up way too late playing Animal Crossing, rearranging my island. Highlight was chris bringing me home a chai tea latte because I had a sore throat all day.

Friday [24th] – More animal crossing, gotta get the island done! I also decided to switch my mattress and clean under my bed and dust my walls. Note to people with cats, clean under your beds. 🐈 🤮

Saturday [25] – Rainy day. Played a lot of animal crossing again. The island is really coming along now. I also got to play with my best friend in the game.

That evening I decided to use up what was left of my pink and purple hair dye and dyed my hair, followed by a much needed hot bath 🛀.

Sunday [26] – highlight was gardening and finding out we are apparently growing corn in the front flower bed.

Monday [27] – highlight was randomly making cheesecakes from scratch and watching the new Dr Strange.

Tuesday [28] – very rough day for me. I didn’t think anything positive would come from a day so dark, but I found it… I was working on tie dying some shirts for my mom while the boys swam (Isla and Chris were at her dance class). I decided after the stuff was dyed and wrapped up, to get in the pool with the boys. They were so happy. After that, Harrison went poop on the potty! The whole moment of it was something I clung to for the joy we both had. After Isla and Chris came home we made root beer floats, everyone was happy.

Wednesday [29] – The 2 littles and I made homemade popsicles! I also took a major step for my personal goals, more on that another day, but it’s exciting for me.

Thursday [30] – Happy Birthday to my one and only!

Things I watched:

  • The Lost City
  • Into The Woods
  • Greenland
  • Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey
  • Hidden Figures
  • Hustle
  • Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
  • Started watching – Only Murders In The Building

Books I Read:

  • Everybody Always by Bob Goff
  • The Borden Murders by Sarah Miller
  • Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents by Lindsay Gibson, PsyD
  • Started – A Rebel In Auschwitz by Jack Fairweather

Moving on to July, already!

🎆 jenn


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