Inspirational Quotes For The Soul

I feel like I have hit a new era in my life where things that use to matter just don’t anymore. The more I have focused on myself, the more I feel like myself. Which then, gives me more mental freedom and less negativity.

Sometimes I like scrolling pinterest for inspirational words to keep me on track on becoming the person I strive to be. I decided to save a bunch of them and share them here with you. Maybe you need some inspiration. Maybe you need to focus more on yourself and less on appeasing others while putting yourself last. Maybe you are already one with your soul and these will just validate that you are where you need to be. Whatever it is, I hope you get what you need to from me sharing them!

A huge reason I have been tracking all of the things that bring me joy throughout the month is for this.
This is where I am at now with relationships. No hard feelings, no motivation to force things. It is what it is and that is fine. ☮️
If it doesn’t involve me it should not stress me out. If I can’t do anything about whatever “it” is, then do what I can do and move on.
So many times I gave up inner peace for outside approval. None of that approval matters. Only my inner peace and my approval of myself matters. 👏 👏
You find the time to do what brings you peace and joy. What will make you the best version of yourself? You have the time to do it so what is holding you back? Chances are, it is you.
Vibe away my friends!! There is something so peaceful about vibing on your own!
Social media has a real nice way of adding to this fire. Quit letting pictures you see of the small window into a person’s life dictate what you feel about your own.
👏 👏
No one is better than anyone. We all have our shit. The only competition is the one you have created in your head. You vs. You.
This is so accurate for me. The less I know the better.
Love yourself enough to try.
👏 👏 👏
Where I am this year. Perhaps it is an age milestone, who knows. Either way, I quite like it. ☮️
Words only mean so much. Back it up with actions.

So many good ones! It makes it hard to stop saving and sharing them all, but I have to at some point right?

What is your favorite life quote right now? How are you finding or how have you already found your inner peace? Talk to me about what brings you joy and sets your soul on fire!

🔥 jenn

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