May 2022 Highlights

I like changing things up sometimes.  I thought a photo challenge would be fun for this months highlights. I will also add in anything worth mentioning to go along with each day.

Here is the challenge I found

May 1Day 1 yourself

Isla and I sitting on the stairs watching the new flooring go in.

Day 2 what you wore today

When trying to use a timer to take a photo and your dog thinks you are asking for attention. Silly Ellie. Today was rainy and we had kindergarten orientation for miss Isla! Not pictured are my sandals and grey knee length cardigan that I wore.

Day 3 your favorite place to be

My husband says this is my favorite place to be, he isn’t entirely wrong 😅.

Day 4 from a high angle

New flooring almost done

Day 5 whatever you want

One of the trees in my backyard.

Day 6 from a low angle

Anyone else have a pet that only lays on plush and soft things? Kona hates hard flooring and will take a couch, pillow, or even a chair he barely fits on, any day.

Day 7 silhouette

Day 8 closeup

Day 9 something from a distance

I have been loving the “wishing flowers” in the backyard.

Day 10 whatever you want

Day 11 black and white

Day 12 same shot different light

🐝 day and night

Day 13 photo edit you like

A picsart remix

Day 14 focusing on eyes

Day 15 whatever you want

Day 16 experimenting with light

Didn’t get to this one.

Day 17 street lights

Thought this was a cool shot of the illumination from the street lights

Day 18 depicting emotion

Didn’t find inspiration for this one.

Day 19 landscape

The Platte River

Day 20 whatever you want

We had a date night dinner downtown in the Old Market. Such a neat place!
Plus, Mexican cuisine 🌮🌯🫔

Day 21 sunset

Wasn’t a good opportunity for one all week it seemed like!

Day 22 someone you love

Day 23 childhood memory

I chose to do a collage for this one because I couldn’t choose just one picture. The top picture is me and 2 of my younger siblings posing after getting home from Karate (maybe year 2000): I did get a yellow belt, but soon after quit going because of harassment problems I had from the instructor. The middle left is me (late 2007) doing what I did nearly every day for hours on end in high school: guitar hero. The center picture is me working at The Amazing Pizza Machine (my first job) when I was 15 (2005). The far right picture is also from high school (maybe 2007) when my best friend took us to World’s Of Fun for her birthday and we all posed for the saloon picture. Then the bottom photo is me (dark green dress in the back), my sister, and 2 cousins posing like the spice girls (maybe 1998): I was always Posh Spice.

Day 24 favorite color scheme

I don’t have a picture currently, but it is my house scheme; black, white, brown, and gold.

Day 25 whatever you want

My monkey graduated preschool!

Day 26 playing with shadows

Didn’t get around to this one.

Day 27 natural light

Didn’t have inspiration.

Day 28 incorporate motion

Day 29 clouds

Day 30 yourself 30 days later

Been playing a lot of Haven Park and Animal Crossing lately to keep my brain occupied in-between the house projects/cleaning and parenting.

Day 31 didn’t have a challenge since it was a 30 day one.

Can you believe we are heading into June already? I feel like I should start planning Christmas now 🤔.

This month has been intense to say the least.

🐞 jenn

Movies I watched

  • Death on the Nile
  • The Hollars
  • Fantastic Beasts The Secrets of Dumbledore

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