National Baking Day

National baking day, did you know that was a thing? I didn’t until today when I saw an ad on Facebook from our kid’s hair salon. After seeing it I thought, “we should be celebrating national baking day today”. It wound up working out perfectly, weather wise, after spending nearly everyday for a week outside. It has been a rainy day today. Being inside can make the kids a little feisty. While the older 2 were at school, I placed a Target order to pickup after they get out. I figured they would enjoy the surprise activity- they all love helping in the kitchen.

I wanted to have patience while doing this with the kids, so I took the “easy” approach by buying boxed mixes. One of them I already had still sitting in the cabinet from Christmas. I went with muffins, sugar cookies, cookie brownies, and energy balls. [Yes the energy balls aren’t baked, but they like making them].

We started with the cookie brownies. Wylan read the directions and measured things. Isla stirred most of the time, cracking eggs here and there and taking many licks. Harrison stirred a couple times and insisted on taste testing everything.

We popped that into the oven and then made the muffins. There was some extra left over so I just used my small cake pan to make a small muffin loaf. After that we did the energy balls and the sprinkle sugar cookies. There was a large debate over what color sprinkles to use, but they finally came to an agreement on the purple and blue ones.

After everything was done, I made dinner. Letting everything cool down while we ate; 🌮 Tuesday! Then it was time to clean up and try the goods! I personally have really struggled with taste since having Covid-19 this last October. But, everyone else says they are all delicious treats! I am just hoping they last more than one night.🤣

Did you bake anything today? Let us know!

🥮 jenn

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