Current To-Do List

So much to do and so much to see! Life surely is in the fast lane right now for us. We are gearing up for Summer here [Nebraska, USA] and I am eager, but a bit unprepared too. In order to keep my mind right, I like to make to-do lists: adding to it the moment I think of something to add or else I will forget [I swear covid dementia is a thing!]. I figured I would make my list here and maaaaaybe it would inspire you or you’d inspire me by commenting your list in the comments!

Alright, here we go!

Outside List

  • Mow the front and back yards ✔️
  • Pickup dog poop ✔️
  • Get the garden beds built and filled and transport my seedlings 🌱 🫑 🥒 ✔️
  • Put up the hanging planter and transport my strawberries 🍓 ✔️
  • Garden the pumpkin areas and get those planted 🎃 mini pumpkins ✔️ jack-o-lantern pumpkins ✔️
  • Get the kill switch on the mower replaced ✔️
  • Go through the shed ✔️
  • Measure and level the area of the yard where we want to put a pool ✔️
  • Clean up the playhouse area ✔️, install wood fencing, and put sand in
  • Prepare garden bed along the edge of the house and plant seeds ✔️ , add edging pavers 🐝 🌼 🌸
  • Dig out bush and stump ✔️
  • Till and grass seed the front yard ✔️
  • Fix the concrete corner of the front porch
  • Plant flowers in flower beds by the steps ✔️
  • Power wash driveway ✔️
  • Detail the car ✔️
  • Get yards sprayed for the bad bugs (bee friendly) ✔️

Inside List

  • Vacuum the couch in the den ✔️
  • Clean den area rug ✔️
  • Paint the den and entryway ✔️
  • Put together the kids last day of school gifts ✔️
  • Finish livingroom decor and move my books
  • Tidy tops of dressers
  • Brush the dogs ✔️
  • Potty train Harrison
  • Make, order, and pickup birthday invitations ✔️
  • Order birthday favors and supplies ✔️
  • Put all birthday stuff together
  • Meal prep food for kids lunches ✔️
  • Have kids make their summer bucket list ✔️
  • Go through the kid’s clothes to remove outgrown and out of season items ✔️


  • Tulip/Dutch festival
  • Isla’s preschool graduation ✔️
  • Isla’s dance photos ✔️
  • Dirt Track races ✔️
  • Dog sitting for my parents ✔️
  • Last day of school ✔️
  • Wylan’s family birthday party
  • Isla’s dance recital
  • Wylans sleepover friend birthday party
  • Chris’ birthday
  • Yankton, SD

That is all I can currently remember. I am sure I am missing something. It seems like a lot considering most of it is to be done in the next 6 weeks, but having things to do is good for the mind. We just can’t forget to take time to just be as well. Finding those moments to slow down, have no agenda, and just be (bringing Monday no screen days/movie nights back).

What’s on your list?

📝 jenn

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