Spring Pinterest Outfit Challenge

Back when I thought it was a good idea to separate blog content and thus creating a second blog Pickles and Lollipops, I had done a Fall pinterest outfit challenge. In that challenge, I told myself I wasn’t allowed to buy anything to make it happen. I think I did pretty well with it! I wanted to do it again this Spring, but I knew this time I would have to go shopping. My body just keeps changing and I didn’t really have a lot in my closet for the warmer weather (if it ever decides to stick around).

First thing first, was finding inspiration pictures off the ever so fun Pinterest. I found so many, but realistically I knew some of them were not very accommodating to my need to feel somewhat modest. Nothing is more annoying when you’re at the park with your kids and you have to keep checking on your body being exposed (boobs and butt).

Even though those styles are cute, I just knew I wouldn’t actually wear them comfortably. I sifted through the ones I saved, eliminated the ones I didn’t think would make the cut at the park (because most of my time is spent mothering), and went to the store with 8 different inspiration photos. Of course, me being me, that meant going to the thrift store! I decided to go while the older 2 kids were at school to save some of my sanity.

When I got there I went to where the “plus size” section normally has been. Only to find that it no longer was there and is now meshed in with the other clothes. Which is fine, it just wasn’t clearly marked and took some investigating to find. I started with the dresses, which was really lacking this day, but I did find a black and white dress option that would suffice the inspiration photo. I traveled through all of the women’s aisles and found a lot of summer tops that I was not expecting to get, but knew I would wear. I did end up finding a couple dresses randomly in other sections. I wound up spending $65 on my lot. Apparently thrift store prices have doubled like everything else these days. However, it is still so much cheaper than buying things brand new!

Here is how my challenge panned out.


My version

I already owned both the skirt and top so I didn’t have to buy anything for this look.


My version

I couldn’t decide between the headband and the hat. My Syny wanted in the photoshoot too 🐈‍⬛. I had all of these pieces already. The dress is actually what I wore for my first maternity pictures back in 2013!


My version

Since I was feeling Springy, I opted for a white crop instead of a black turtleneck. Also, instead of boots, I went with these amazing sandals. I got them at the thrift store, but they are the most comfortable sandals I have ever had. The brand is called Earth origins.
I found them here on Famous Footwear if you are in need of comfortable sandals! They also come in brown and red!


My version

Candid moment doing the dishes. Didn’t really feel like getting dressed on this cloudy cool day from being sick with sinus crap. I went with the athleisure outfit to still be comfortable, but also getting out of pajamas. Unsure how I feel about myself in a denim jacket, but I will keep trying it with other outfits.


I love this dress so much! I couldn’t find one exactly like it to save my life 😪. I even was willing to buy it new, that is how much I love it, but couldn’t find it anywhere. It was a dress from a line a couple years ago that is no longer sold. Booooooo!

My version

I did find this Ava & Viv dress at the thrift store. It is the closest I could find to the floral inspo. I liked the denim better with the dress than the athleisure outfit. Isla (my 5 year old) took my picture and forgot to get my face in it 🙃. Don’t mind the floors, dishwasher, or open recycling bin 😛.

The challenge took me longer than I had planned to finish for this post, as I wound up getting sick and unmotivated during that time. Better late than never, though!

To wrap up this post, I thought I would tell you about some items I have been loving that are not pictured! I recently saw a promotion for Cheek Boss underwear. I usually hate underwear and would rather go commando than deal with it’s nonsense. However, I have been wanting to get some new ones lately as I haven’t bought any in awhile. So I saw the ad for free underwear if you just pay shipping. I was scrolling through the comments, as any smart person would, and saw nothing but great reviews. So I decided, “what the heck, go for it!” I paid a total of $5 for shipping for 4 pairs of underwear (after signing up for the VIP trial you get 2 more). They did not disappoint!! As a plus size fupa bearing lady, underwear can certainly be a challenge! But Cheek Boss has figured out how to solve all of those problems!! They don’t roll down, they don’t cause wedgies, and they don’t even show through my leggings! 

Which, speaking of leggings! Cheek Boss has a sister company called Pop Fit. They offered me a second deal in my underwear order for 2 free items from Popfit. I just had to pay for shipping. I am a lover of leggings. They motivate me to move, but are also not as restrictive and as heat inducing as denim. I took a look on their site and within seconds, I saw a pair of leggings that I got from the thrift store awhile ago. The leggings I have I LOVE and wear them all of the time. Knowing I already love these leggings, I decided to go ahead and get another pair. I also opted for some shorts and went to check out. But wait there’s more..THEN they offered an added deal of a discounted item with my order, so I opted for a matching sports bra. I am still trying to find thee best sports bra. So I decided if I love their leggings, maybe the bra would be a good one. In total I paid $25 for 3 items plus shipping. I received my order and I love the leggings and the shorts as I knew I would. However, the sports bra, that I ordered a size smaller than I would a t-shirt, was still too large and lacking for me. I was sad because they were the perfect red match to the leggings I got. But the leggings and shorts are a win for me!

I enjoyed this challenge. I really feel more put together for the day when I have something on that I feel good in. I am thinking about doing another outfit challenge this summer, we will see!

👗 jenn

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