March 2022 Highlights

Hey Hi How Are Ya?

March was quite the month! I am not even going to make an intro (though I guess technically this is one) and just hop right into it! Just a reminder my monthly highlights are reflecting on the things I found joy in during the month.

Last month the kids had parent teacher conferences. During Wylan’s conference his teacher read us a story he had written. She talked about how much she loved it and loves seeing his creative side coming out. Simultaneously during the time frame this was happening, I was building my etsy shop and creating amazon books to sell [I am technicallya published author now on Amazon, whaaaaat!?]. I had the idea that maybe we could turn his story into a kid’s book. I ran the idea by Wylan and he was absolutely down. In his exact words he said “oh, bet!” We worked together to create the illustrations on Procreate, mostly him drawing and me cleaning up some of the fine lines. We really enjoyed this project. You can buy a copy on Amazon!

He has decided to turn it into a series of books. I am loving seeing his drive and creativity.

Isn’t time funny? How overtime you can completely change your mind on something that might have even bothered you for as long as you can remember? Without dragging that thought out further…I am talking about my personal feelings about thunderstorms. I was once a  child that loved rain. Honestly, I am not sure when the feelings about thunderstorms changed to being 100% completely petrified by them. But, at some point in my life that was what happened. I am at a different point now where they no longer cause a panic. I am finding myself finding joy in the sounds of the rain again. Which is what happened on Friday March 4th after 11PM. With the window open to get some fresh crisp air, the storm rolled in. I was working on some things and didn’t have any other sounds going on. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the rain and the thunder while “working”.

Last month, well actually, the last 2 months I have talked about my book list for the year and the books that I bought. I have been trying to find more time at home to read, instead of just in the car (even though that seems to be my favorite place to read). My second favorite place would definitely be my bed. My body has a hard time sitting upright in hard surface chairs with my legs dangling. At the beginning of March, I decided to make better use of my relaxing time by reading instead of scrolling through reels and watching crime documentaries on YouTube. Ellie even joined me one day.

Finished reading Hush, Hush in this picture.

I have been having a lot of fun and enjoyment working on designs for not only my etsy shop, but also Amazon “books” [notebooks and planners]. I have been spending a lot of time drawing designs, formatting them, and creating their listings. It is joyful and relaxing. Here are some of the designs I have done…

My favorite so far is probably this one…

Front and back “Chirpy Morning”

For our 10 year wedding anniversary [March 3] we didn’t have any plans, but wound up taking the 2 little kids to spend the night at my brother’s house [they had been asking for weeks]. We decided instead of going home and cooking we would go to dinner. We ended up at Red Robin. I enjoyed spending some time with just my big kid and husband. It was different, but I could tell he enjoyed it too.

That following weekend we got family pictures done. I am so excited about them! We did have minor challenges with Harrison not wanting to fully cooperate, but the pictures still turned out so good!

Photo credits to the amazing Richelle Leigh Photography!!

On Saturday the 12th, I finally got my tattoos! I love them so much! One of them I designed myself, it has a lot of meaning to me.

Afterwards, we had a couple hours left to have a date night. We ended up going to one of the casinos. It was fun. They had this Jumanji game that was cool. It has been nice making these monthly dates happen and finding different things to do during them.

We did go on our SPRING BREAK VACATION, which was fun and very much needed. Chris had asked me what my favorite part was. Besides the obvious answers of being together and seeing the kids happiness, my favorite things were the drives and the sand on Lake Michigan; it was such fine sand and therapeutic feeling.

This month Harrison started a new saying. He has been telling me he loves me all the time for awhile now, but he has now added to it. He says, “I love you 10 and all the stars in the sky” and then he waits until I respond with, “I love you 12 and all the stars in the sky”. Then he gets a squirmy and hugs me. I love that he is still a mama’s boy. ❤️

The end of the month brought a lot of feelings of change to us. We are thinking hard about some big changes. During these thoughts of change, I decided I needed to make a better effort with time spent with the kids. I decided to start reading to the kids every day. This actually started after the Anne Frank exibit we saw at the museum on vacation. I decided I wanted to make a goal to read one book a day to the kids. Luckily for me my library has an online catalog that I can search books and request a hold on them. I wound up requesting 31 books! All but one were children’s books and then I also grabbed The Diary of Anne Frank, which I plan to read to the kids. Maybe I will do a post on the books we liked 🤔.

Can you believe we are already through a quarter of the year?! ⚡️ ⏲️

sayonara March!

Watch out April, cause here we come! 🌼 🌧 🌞

Movies I watched:

  • Sing 2
  • The Adam Project
  • The Unforgivable
  • Free Guy
  • X2
  • X-Men The Last Stand

Books I read:

  • Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick
  • The Betrayal of Anne Frank by Rosemary Sullivan
  • Dark Witch by Nora Roberts

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