Busy Bee

I have been feeling like I have been neglecting my blog a bit, at least since 2022 started. In part it’s because I have been running out of ideas on things I think are worth talking about. The majority of it though is that I have been increasingly busy lately.

I have been putting in basically full time hours with creating things and setting up my etsy relaunch. It is crazy how much time passes just for one design. I can literally spend 10 hours drawing one up and then the rest of the day, in between life, perfecting it and uploading it where it needs to go. It never feels like it takes that long. I sit down and next thing I know it is time to pick up the kids from school. The good thing is, I have really loved doing it. It is relaxing and it has been keeping me feeling more awake during the day (or maybe that’s my new vitamin regimen 🤔). Either way, I have been feeling more level headed and mood stable since I started.

Not only that, but we have had a lot going on. We have been thriving to get the most out of life; chasing those experiences. We have really been thinking about where we are trying to get to and finding the ways to make that a reality. I don’t want to get into those details right now because this is just the brainstorming phase, who knows what will actually happen. All of that, plus maintaining a household and raising children; I just haven’t been in the mindset to write as much.

Though, I still have been trying to think of at least one blog a week, I am not always ontop of it. I have been keeping up with my monthly highlight posts, so that is something. I have just been a bit busier with things and honestly, mentally, I feel so much healthier because of it.

I just wanted my readers to know I am still around, still kickin’, even if I am not cranking out posts all the time like I use to.

🐝 🐝 🐝 jenn

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