31 Questions To Answer In January [2022]

I was checking out some of my older posts and came across this one from 2021 that I actually completely forgot ever happened. I thought it would be fun to do it again and compare it to this year. Answers from 2021 will be in black and this years answers in green.

1. What is your number one goal this year?

Let’s go with a sort of generic answer, but still definitely relevant..to be happy.

Strive to find the joy in every day

2. What are you most grateful for?

The arts.


3. Are you content?

That is a very vague question. In some areas yes. In other areas no. I think that is pretty normal though. I am working on making things happen!

Certain aspects yes, but others no. Still trying to figure shit out. 😁

4. What is your favorite memory of last year?

Hmm, the first thing that came to mind was my oldest son’s birthday celebration. We turned our garage into a concert venue for a twenty one pilots themed party! It was pretty cool!

The one that sticks out the most was our unplanned roadtrip vacation. We originally had just planned to go to Valentine, NE to see some waterfalls, but ended up going to South Dakota too.

5. What is the last major accomplishment you had?

I don’t really feel like I have major accomplishments. I did start therapy recently, does that count?

Every day that I have made the decision to live. 

6. What possession could you not live without?

I feel like I could live without most things that we have. I don’t think I could live without a blanket. Not a special or specific blanket, but any blanket. I can’t sleep withot one, even if I am sweaty (yay humid summers) I still have to have one.

I can’t think of anything.

7. Can people change?

People do change, they change all the time. I do think certain people are less likely to want to change or grow. They are just stuck in their ways, but not because they can’t change.

I still stand by what I said previously 😇

8. What is the last “good” thing you ate?

Well, I am back on keto again so the food is always “good” in regards to healthy. In regards to flavor, tonight I made homemade sloppy Joe meat and it was delicious!

I haven’t really been able to taste since having covid in October. Which is really annoying!!

9. What is your current favorite snack?

These spicy dill flavored pork rinds with sour cream! 🤤🤤

I don’t snack anymore really.

10. What made you smile today?

When my youngest son came up to me and said “kisses” and took his binky out of his mouth to slobber on my face, haha!

Today was the first time my youngest came to me and said, “I love you my mom” without me telling him I love him first. 💙

11. What is your favorite accessory?

I’m really not an accessories sort of person. I don’t wear jewelry other than my marriage ring. I don’t carry bags (except the diaper one). I don’t wear belts or fancy shoes.

Still the same.

12. What is making you mad?

The villain in this movie that I am being forced to watch, haha! We can be heros.

Nothing currently.

13. What did you have for dinner today?

Sloppy Joe meat with cheese whisps.

I didn’t feel like cooking tonight, so I would up ordering food from a restaurant called Jams. I had their meatloaf meal. I can’t really speak on flavor, but the vegetables could have been softer. Prices were a bit steep I think. But, maybe you pay for the ambiance or something if you eat in the restaurant.

14. What did you get done?

I snow blowed the drive way twice and did some more on my diamond by numbers thingy. Oh and I did fold some laundry.

I did a lot today it feels like. My daughter had a doctors appointment. I had to bring both boys with as well. She had to get an xray and labs drawn. She of course was terrified. After that we ran errands to pickup groceries and my medication. Brought everything in, cleaned out the fridge, tried to fix our microwave cart, wound up giving it a very cheap makeover, cleaned the kitchen, and folded laundry. That’s just the main points.

15. Who last called you on the phone?

The school saying we are having another snow day tomorrow.

My brother.

16. Who are you in love with?

My other half, Chris.

Still stand by that one too 😜

17. What are you grateful for?

Family, art, music, technology, electricity, clean water, my husband’s job, stability, and independence.


18. What was the best part of today?

Getting smacked in the face with wet snow and being unable to see 😂

Making plans.

19. My current favorite website is?

Uhm, I will say Google because it knows everything.

I use google the most.

20. What is the hardest thing you’re dealing with?

Mental health.

Making my path.

21. Today I wish I had more…

Tools and knowledge for building things myself.

I actually still stand by that one too.

22. Tomorrow will be better because…

Well, I am looking forward to tomorrow’s dinner; taco Tuesday every Tuesday! Tomorrow I am making jalapeno popper taquitos.

The sun will come out, tomorrow.

23. What made today unusual?

Chris got home from work before noon because of the snow.

Nothing really was unusual today.

24. What are you looking for from life?

To travel and to figure out who I am as an individual outside of my family titles.

Same thing ^

25. What is your favorite thing to drink?

Water and tea. I did recently try a strawberry acai refresher with coconut milk from starbucks and those are amazing! Not exactly keto though, sad day.

Iced coffee

26. Today’s temperature was…

I think low 20s. It is currently 19°.

It is currently 23°.

27. How much did you spend at the grocery store last time you went?

Right under $152.

The cost of everything going up, my trip to the store today was insane!!! I don’t have the exact number in front of me, but it was somewhere around $450. 😭😭😭

28. Tomorrow I will..


Roll with it.

29. What was your last major purchase?

What constitutes major? We bought a snowblower last month. Before that it would probably be our newest vehicle purchase last year, though I am totally blanking on what month that was.

Does that expensive grocery order count? I feel like it should cause wtf!?

30. My house is a home because…

Of who lives here…


31. Who is the last person to tell you they love you?

Chris before he went to sleep.

I think it was Harrison

It is interesting to compare things. Some things have changed and others still remain the same. Onward we go!

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