2021 Year End Review Questionnaire

I still cannot believe 2021 is over. I know I say that every year and every month lately, but I seriously don’t know why time seems to be going at lightning speed. For me, it gets faster everytime we have a kid. Luckily we are done with that now though. I can’t imagine it getting faster than it already seems. Since I did monthly recaps this year, I thought a yearly recap would just repeat it all. So, what better alternative than a questionnaire to wrap things up for 2021?

Number 1. One word to describe the year.


Number 2. Best thing you did for someone else this year?

Bring the family back together.

Number 3. Favorite movie of the year.

I don’t know that I have a favorite for the year. Some of the ones we watched though were; Raya and the Lost Dragon, Mortal Kombat, Shang Chi, Black Widow, Space Jam, Luca, Thunder Force, The Mitchell’s vs the Machines, Suicide Squad, Cinderella, and 8-bit Christmas.

Number 4. Favorite show of the year.

I really enjoyed Handsmaids Tale, The Queens Gambit, Bridgerton, and The Great.

Number 5. Most embarrassing moment of the year.

Being walked in on during “sexy time”. A little traumatizing, but also a lot of laughs. Traumatizing for us, the other person did not understand what was happening. 😱😂

Number 6. Time you laughed the hardest this year.

See number 5. 🤣🤣

Number 7. Something you learned to do/had never done before.

I fell in love with reading novels. I have been through at least 10 this year. I use to dread even reading one.

OH! And we participated in a 5k mudrun!

Number 8. Most newsworthy event.

Probably the event of us getting Covid. It hit me the hardest. I am still dealing with having no taste and smell. It has been 2 months since we had it.

Number 9. Biggest Lesson Learned.

Put. The. Phone. Down. Be present.

Number 10. Favorite place you visited this year.

South Dakota. We even have discussed the possibility of moving there because we liked it so much.

Number 11. Most memorable moment or day of the year.

Probably our vacation to western Nebraska where we did some hiking.

Number 12. Best advise you received this year.

I really don’t remember receiving advice recently.

Number 13. An achievement you are proud of this year.

Venturing out with the kids by myself. It was a big step for me.

Number 14. Reminisce about one great compliment you received this year.

I received a comment about how someone felt I was remarkable for being so vulnerable all of the time. I actually have heard this from a few different people this year. It is nice to hear because all I want is for people not to feel like they have to hide behind a facade. We all have things we are going through, why should they be stigmatized?

Number 15. What or whom are you most thankful for this year?

I am thankful for myself honestly. I have grown so much more this year and feel like I am finally in a stable headspace.

And that’s that- the final questionnaire for 2021. Maybe I will have to repeat it every year to see how things change, hmmm.

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