Blogmas 2021 – Christmas Recap

And just like that another Christmas is done and gone.

I missed the last few days of Blogmas, mostly because I was not feeling inspired, but also because I am in the midst of dealing with another fibro flare up. If you know, you know.

Regardless of my pain status though, Christmas was great! On Christmas eve Chris got off work early, about 1130AM! He came home, changed, and we took the kids to lunch at Pepperjacks. The people working there were awesome, one was singing jingle bells super loud -haha! Afterwards we went to Chris’ parent’s house. The kids love spending time with their cousins who we don’t get to see very often [they are the same ages as ours]. They even asked if they could all stay the night with their grandparents that night. I said “not tonight, it’s Christmas and I want you home with us.” We nibbled on some food and of course opened gifts. These kids don’t waste any time let me tell you. I keep asking if we can slow down, but they get so excited! I am excited for the gift Chris and I got to try a new restaurant! We left their house sometime after 7PM and drove to this neighborhood to see the street of light displays that we hadn’t seen yet this year. Then we headed home and got the kids ready for bed.

The kids were very antsy. Wylan was using his phone to watch the Santa tracker. “OH HE IS IN CANADA! NOW HE IS IN NORTH CAROLINA!” We eventually took the phone away so he would go to sleep. They were all asleep by about 1030. I was up dealing with my pains for most of the night, but Wylan woke up at 1AM, yes 1AM! He came into my room and was like, “It’s Christmas! It’s time!” I was laughing inwardly, but had to tell him, “no dude it is 1AM go back to bed.” He asked how much longer until morning time so he could open presents. To which he also said, “I am just so excited and I checked, Santa already came!” I again had to tell him it is way too early and to go back to bed, he asked how much longer he had to wait, I said, at least 6 more hours. 🤣

630AM rolls around, guess who is up? Wylan, of course! By 640AM he had everyone else woke up. They were excited to make their way down stairs.

I again asked if we could take things slow. They tried, but it did speed up some. We opened all the gifts and then headed to get their stockings from the den. Everyone was pleased with what they got.

I spent the next few hours on the floor unboxing and building things. Chris made breakfast and handled the piles of trash. Around 1PM we started to get ready to head to my sister’s house for my side of the family’s Christmas. We got there around 230 or so. I helped my mom create our salad bar. We decided on an Italian menu this year, with pastas, meats, sauces, garlic bread, a charcuterie board, and salad bar. It was delicious! After eating, my mom handed out the 90 scratch off tickets that we all pitched in for. We didn’t win anything crazy, I think it was 38$ and a couple free scratch offs. It’s just a fun tradition we have been doing the last few years.

By this point, the little kids kept asking to open presents. We tried, once again, to keep things slow to be able to see reactions and what they got. But, kids don’t have that excitement about others yet. Once the kids were done we started with secret santa. It was fun seeing what everyone got their person or trying to guess who their person was. My mom had me and I got the book I wanted along with my nice marker and pad set and a funny adult coloring book with cusswords all over it- right up my alley! My sister’s boyfriend and my husband wound up having each other. Chris got the hat and clipboard he wanted, wrapped in pink minnie mouse paper. My sister’s boyfriend got a mancrate, wrapped in ductape,put in a box, that was then wrapped in wrapping paper, and again in ductape. It was so funny to watch. Everyone was happy and had a jolly ol’ time.

I helped clean up and do the dishes before we left. All in all, Christmas was a success. I still can’t believe the year is already basically over. Now we are getting ready for Isla’s golden birthday!

How was your Christmas day? 🎄

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