Blogmas 2021 – Day 18

One more week until the big day! Holy macaroni!


I mentioned before that my family does the secret santa gift exchange so that we aren’t trying to buy gifts for every single person. My mom had asked us to give ideas for what we want so that whoever gets us, they would have some ideas incase they aren’t sure. I thought today I would share my wish list and I will include what I had suggested to Chris as well.

  • Permapaque dual point marker set
  • Drawing pads and a nice set of regular markers
  • Broadway tickets to mean girls or wicked
  • A winter coat
  • Snow boots
  • The book The Redhead of Auschwitz: A True Story by Nechama Birnbaum
  • A zip up hoodie
  • Pajama pants
  • Chunky knit blanket

Maybe I should have added a maid service to the list, haha! Anyway, most of the stuff is practical. Chris already got me some of it. I don’t feel like I usually ask for or expect anything. That doesn’t mean I don’t also enjoy receiving though [who doesn’t?]. What would you want to receive this year? Let me know!

Bob left the kids some new sleds! I didn’t take a picture, but they were excited and are hoping for some snow!

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