Blogmas 2021 – Day 16 & 17

Oops! Forgot to post yesterday, I was quite busy!

Yesterday morning Chris’ big Christmas gift was installed! I got a customized mailbox since ours was getting mighty ugly. It had been driving us crazy all Summer long. I saw someone else in my neighborhood had just gotten one, so after a simple google search I found the local guy that does them. I am so happy with it! Chris was completely shocked when he came home yesterday.

It does have reflective numbers on both sides that I erased for precautions.

After the mailbox man left, I started getting my baking going. I made wild berry thumbprint cookies, peanut butter blossoms, and oatmeal white chocolate craisen cookies. I still have brownies to make, but I am waiting a few more days for that. From what I can taste, which is barely anything still [yay post-covid], they seem good. Everyone else says they are delicious!

We have 2 more school days left until the kids start their Winter break. Hopefully I can sleep in a little bit to regain some energy after all the hustle and bustle. I have a few things left to accomplish in the meantime, here is my little to-do list.

  • Pickup dance gear from dance studio
  • Wrap the last few gifts
  • Remember to send teacher and classmates gifts to school
  • Buy the food that I need to bring to Christmas dinner
  • Go to barnes and noble
  • Finish getting stocking items
  • Clean my house
  • Mail my grandma her little gift
  • Prepare for Isla’s 5th birthday!
  • Take the littles to pick out their gift for their big bro
  • Get birthday gift for Wylan’s friend
  • Take a hot bath!
  • Hope for snow ❄

I think that is all…I am bound to have forgotten something I am sure! What is left on your to-do list?

Oh yeah! I can’t forget about Bob! Yesterday we found him with a lego sign that says 9 days. Not pictured>> Last night, I think he was tired, so he decided to hang out with our musical elf dog that the kids named Wobble Baby last year [because he plays the wobble song].

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