Blogmas 2021 – Day 15

10 days until Christmas day! Are you ready!?

We are mostly ready here. I have 2 more family gifts to get and then finish getting together stocking stuffers. I have a few last minute things that need wrapped, but I feel like we are making good timing. I did have to rewrap some family gifts today because my crazy dog decided to use them as a stool to look out the window. 😒

I did decide today that I want to get some more baking in. I think I narrowed it down to 3 recipes, maybe 4. Have to fulfill that baking itch for the season! I am for sure going to make thumbprint cookies; they are one of my favorites. What is your favorite holiday treat? Do you enjoy baking? I enjoy baking, but have learned that I prefer to do it alone. Like, just leave me alone in the kitchen with some good tunes and let me do my thing.

As for Bob this morning…he left the kids a mission to find 24 little Santa reeses and then divide them evenly between each other. I didn’t wind up getting a picture as it happened so fast [and then the day got away from me], but Bob was hanging from our dining room light and the kids had to find him, too.

It is officially crunch time! Let’s get it!


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