Blogmas 2021 – Day 11

A little this or that, Christmas edition! [Update on Bob at the end].

Star or Angel? Star!

It’s more white iridescent in person.

Eggnog or Hot cocoa? Definitely hot chocolate, I never liked eggnog.

Candy canes or chocolates? Chocolate! I really have been liking dark chocolate with sea salt, mmm.

Bake cookies or sing carols? Both simultaneously!

Wrap gifts or open gifts? Wrapping!

Real tree or fake tree? I would love to have a real one some day, but fake ones are safer for our home.

The Grinch or Charlie Brown? Lately it is more Charlie Brown for me.

Sugar cookies or gingerbread? Sugar cookies!

Ice skating or sledding? Definitely sledding.

Wrapping paper or gift bags? Paper!

Pajamas or sweaters? Pajamas!

Ham or turkey? I don’t prefer one over the other, but we have always done ham for Christmas.

Love Actually or The Holiday? I will need to rewatch these to give my full opinion, haha.

Elf or Home Alone? Home Alone

Mariah Carey or Michael Buble? neither, neither, neither!

Movie or Boardgames? movies.

Christmas Pudding or Christmas cake? What is Christmas pudding!? Never had it! Is Christmas cake the same as fruitcake? Maybe I am a dingdong, but I’d rather have pie or brownies 😅.

Snowmen or Reindeer? totally depends on context! I’ll just go with snowmen.

White lights or colored lights? I prefer the warm white ones.

Home or travel? Home, definitely home.


Bob brought a little friend this time, they got into a little mess..

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