Blogmas 2021 – Day 9

Finally taking a break from house happenings today, knocking things off the ol’ to-do list. As a parent, one of my favorite things to do during the holidays is giving gifts to the kid’s teachers and their classmates. Teachers seriously deserve all the money and gold trophies. Everyday when I go to pickup the kids, I wait for about an hour in the line. During that time, my daughter’s [preschool] class makes their way to the playground. The other day one of the kids decided to run away from the school and the teacher had to full on sprint to catch up to him. I really wanted her to get a golden trophy for that. They do so much for the kids and our world.

Since I can’t give them all of that, I figure a little gift of appreciation is needed. I kinda wanted to go with a warm and cozy theme to the gifts. So I decided on blankets, hot chocolate, and a sweet treat for each of their teachers. I also went ahead and got their Principal and front office receptionist lady a small treat as well [we have been in pretty close contact with them since Wylan started school there 3 years ago].

As for the classmates, back during Halloween we had made goodie bags for their classes. Wylan decided on mini pop its to go in his. Since we wound up having Covid over Halloween, we didn’t get to bring their bags. I decided to wrap the pop its for Christmas. Isla is bringing circus cookies. I just threw some gift tags on them and called it good.

Also pictured, because I made them today, are the bags for Wylan’s basketball team. They have back to back games Saturday so I wanted to have healthy aftergame choices for them [minus the fruit snacks]. I did Kind bars, chocolate milk, a fruit pouch, and fruit snacks. They aren’t meant to be Christmasy, but I already had the bags.

I have been on a roll since I got up to take the kids to school, thanks to my old pal, coffee ☕. On that note, here is your monthly reminder to clean your vacuum cleaner and wipe off the stove and vent 🤓.

Last but not least is Bob. He gave us a little experiment this morning.

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