Blogmas 2021 – Day 8

Years prior I have talked about Santa Claus, at least I feel like I did somewhere 😅. Anyways, this time I am looking for other people’s stories and ideas on how you found out the truth about him. Did you find out on your own or did someone tell you? Would you have preferred to have found out the opposite way of which you did? Please let me know in the comments!

I was a firm believer until I was about 12 or 13 years old. I remember going to my grandparent’s house one day and the topic of St. NICHOLAS came up when my grandma shouted at me, “oh come on you know he isn’t real!!” I was absolutely mortified! I cried, my parents were angry, but it was just part of my story I guess. My husband was just straight up told when he was roughly 8 years old that his dad is Santa. He has said that he wasn’t upset about it and just was like, “oh. Okay.”

My oldest child is 8. He has been asking since he was probably 3 about the bearded guy in a red suit. Though, you can tell he still absolutely believes. Every year I am wondering, is this it? Is this the last time he will believe on Christmas morning? My husband thinks after this year we should tell him. I am sort of on the fence between telling and letting him find out. I’m not sure which way is less traumatizing. Though, I do know once it becomes the topic, I have a way I want to go about it [for refraining from long post reasons I won’t go into all that right now].

But, I am genuinely curious how your story went and what you did or are doing with your children on the subject. Let me know all the deets!

As for Bob…

Bob almost got caught in his shenanigans last night decorating the kid’s bathroom.

2 replies to “Blogmas 2021 – Day 8

  1. I never had to have that conversation with my boys. Usually around the end of September, if we were in a store and they would ask for this toy or that toy I would make a big deal about always tell them no, it was too much money. I did this deliberately, keeping track of what each boy asked for more than once knowing that would be under the tree.

    When my eldest son was about 8came to me,upset because someone on his bus told him there was no Santa, and asking me if this was true. I looked him in the eye and asked him one question. “Would I spend all that money on toys”? He looked at me, remembering all my no’s for toys, and slowly shook his head. “It must be Santa” he told me. He never asked again, and his younger brothers, hearing our talk, never asked.

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