Blogmas 2021 – Day 7

Does anyone else have a partner that never asks for anything, never gives hints for gift ideas that they want, and never wants for much at all? Well, my husband is exactly like that. Giving him gifts can be difficult for me sometimes. I am a sentimental gift giver. Giving him sentimental gifts doesn’t usually go as I had planned, though he is always appreciative of it all.

With that said, I wanted to help others, like myself, who have a hard time narrowing down some different gift ideas. I wanted to do a guest post with my husband on this so everything on here he has actually approved!

1. A Battery Organizer – Does anyone else find that their partner has a tendency to keep a stock pile of batteries? Rightfully so, especially with children’s toys around. A battery organizer is super convenient and practical! You could even fill it up with batteries as part of the gift!

2. Beard Trimmer or Razor – Having a quality trimmer or razor can make such a difference for their hygiene routine. Nothing like getting hacked up by a crappy blade!

3. Magnetic Car Phone Mount

4. Tools and/or Tool Box

5. Car Detailing Kit or Gift Certificate – detail geek products are great!

6. Tickets to their favorite sports team or concert

7. A Mancrate – just be sure to stick around to watch them open it!

8. Sunglasses – Oakleys seem to be a hit for a lot of people.

9. Magnetic wrist band for holding all those tiny screws and bits.

10. Pressure washer

11. A tire inflator – bonus points for a portable one!

12. Google Nest

13. Lawn equipment – weed whacker, leaf blower, chain saw, ladder, snow blower, or a lawn mower just to name some ideas.

14. A subscription to a car wash

15. A new wallet

And there you have it! 15 ideas for the practical people in your life!

And then, of course, there was Bob today…

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