Blogmas 2021 – Day 5

Something new we did this year was visit Santa’s castle and meet a couple of the reindeer. While we were there the helper was telling the kids about how reindeer lose their antlers because one of them didn’t have theirs. I never really knew anything about reindeer, so I decided to share some facts about them today!

  • Reindeer are part of the deer family.
  • Reindeer is both the singular and plural form of the species.
  • Unlike the Bambi sort of deer, both male and female reindeer grow antlers.
  • Reindeer’s antlers are the heaviest and largest of the deer species.
  • Reindeer grow their antlers and each year they will fall off, coming back bigger year after year.
  • Males lose their antlers in November and females lose them in May. Which has caused speculation that Rudolph must be a female because of the antlers during Christmas eve.
  • Reindeer are the most domesticated of the deer species, used for milk, meat, and hides.
  • Reindeer were first introduced into Christmas time in 1821 when a New York Printer printed an anonymously written 16 page story called A New Year’s Present to the Little Ones from Five to Twelve, Part III. Two years afterwards a poem was written called A Visit From St. NICHOLAS, which today we now know as T’was The Night Before Christmas.

I actually find Reindeer to be super cute and asked Chris if we could get one 🤣. Obviously not seriously, but maybe one day!

As for Bob…

The kids got quite a kick out of him today.

Is anyone else’s children obsessed with baby yoda or is it just mine? 😜

Source Fun Facts About Reindeer and Caribou [FDA WEBSITE].

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