Blogmas 2021 – Day 2

Ever since we had our first kid, a whole 8 years ago already 😱, we have made photo Christmas cards to mail to our family and friends. Every year I keep an extra for my keepsake box, I just love looking back at them. It is also fun seeing how designs have progressed over time with colors and trends.

For the last few weeks, I had our photo idea for our cards nailed down. The kids wound up wanting theirs taken earlier than planned one day and I did Chris’ not long after. I kept putting mine off. Then we wound up getting a family photo taken with Santa and we thought maybe we should just use that for the cards? It isn’t the most well put together picture, but does it even HAVE to be? My brain says it matters, but then a small part says it doesn’t matter it is the memories made not what we wear or look like in them. Will I change my mind about that before I click print? It is very possible.

So today’s task involves deciding once and for all on our Christmas card design and photos. I think I have it narrowed down to 2 or 3 different ones, but I won’t spoil that here just yet! [I don’t usually share until after they have been received by family and friends.] Instead, I want to see the cards from previous years again.

[Rummages through keepsake boxes in closet for 20 minutes. Then has to search for missing card in previous orders on 3 different sites, only to find that it was actually in a different box that hasn’t been sorted through yet in the closet. Then I also remembered the first year (2013) we did give the pictures as framed gifts instead of a card.] 😬😅

Most of our pictures we took ourselves with the timer setting on the camera and a tripod. In 2019 my sister in law’s mom took our pictures as part of my 30th birthday photoshoot she did for me. I think we have done a pretty decent job!

Here are some designs I am really liking this year! These ones are from Walgreens Photo. [I just used the photos from last year since they were already uploaded so you can see how they would look].

But then…there are all the cards on Shutterfly that are beautiful! They get the fancy foiling, fancy edges, custom envelopes: the whole 9 yards! The downfall is how expensive they are and that you have to order a minimum of like 75 cards! I mean, WHAT?!? I will have to pass on that myself, but it is rather tempting at the same time.

However getting this task done is a must for the season. I like to get the cards out by my birthday-ish, which is in 5 days. I shall choose the winning design and hit the print button today. Do you send Christmas cards? Let me know what kind you send and which of the ones I shared you like the best for this year!


Oh yes, we cannot forget about Bob!

Luckily Bob didn’t get too wild last night. He did bring the kids a special surprise pet though! They haven’tbeen able to decide on a name yet. So far the contenders are “snowy” or “blue and white” 😅.

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