Grow The Gratitude – Day 7

And last but not least, day #7 of And Fierce‘s Grow the Gratitude tag.

Incase you missed my other posts, the rules are…

I think as adults we often forget how to show gratitude towards others. This can especially be said about showing gratitude towards children. A few years ago I was going through some rough parenting patches. Through many hours of reading I came upon an article that talked about praising good behavior, even when it seems silly. I think the same idea can be applied to showing gratitude towards children. How can they learn to be grateful, if they don’t know what gratitude means or what it looks like to show it? Monkey see monkey do, right?

Today had some rough moments, but I really strived to maintain the thought process of showing and teaching gratitude during them. It is easy to forget that kids brains do not work like an adult brain. When you don’t consider it, it is easy to become frustrated with their behaviors. I know I have a tendency to do this sometimes, I am always working on it.

An example would be, my oldest son has started becoming more aware of when I could use some extra hands. If we get home with groceries and Chris isn’t home to help carry them in, I usually do it all. Sometimes I enlist the kids to help with the lighter items, but picking my battles, I know that task doesn’t always sit well with them. Anyway, my son has now started coming to me before I even have to ask and he will say “I can help you”. I always tell him how much I appreciate him helping me, especially without having to ask. Being grateful for what he is offering whether on his own or if I prompt it, should never go unnoticed. Expressing that gratitude is what builds them up, teaches them the HOW and the WHY of gratitude. Showing gratitude is something I, as a parent, have always felt strongly about.


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