Grow The Gratitude – Day 5

I have been trying to think of things that are not generic answers to what I am grateful for today. Of course they are things I am always grateful for like family, food, and our life in general, but I wanted to challenge myself outside of that. Honestly, something we experienced today was something that I never really thought about much, but has always been around.

I am talking about the town we live in. Although we are still inside the city and have all the things closeby, our town itself is small. We have a downtown area that can give off those old small town vibes. There is the library, city hall, small businesses, the fire department, the post office, police office, a couple restaurants, and even a full service gas station. We have been through and in the downtown area several times, mostly to the library, but today we experienced it on another level.

Today was the holiday magic day for our town. We went to the library first where we built graham cracker gingerbread houses, did a movie quote scavenger hunt, Isla got her face painted, the kids got balloon props [princess wand, a sword, and a purple and white candy cane], they wrote a letter to santa, and looked at the huge display of tiny light up villages. We then went outside for a stroll, we saw santa getting on the fire truck for his neighborhood ride, got hot chocolate and cookies, rode a horse & carriage, and then talked to Santa.

I always have told Chris to take me to one of those small Christmas towns like you see in the movies. When we really didn’t need to go far at all, it is right down the road! We honestly did not know this was a thing until this year, but we are excited to make it a tradition going forward! So for day 5, I am thankful for my small town, giving me all the Christmas vibes I have been needing this season.


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