Grow The Gratitude- Day 4

Day 4! Just a quick reminder of the rules from And Fierce.

I am tagging The Messy Beard today😬🤣. Come on AJ, you know you want to participate! 🤣

As for todays post…

Not only am I grateful today for my, “technically” stepdad, but I have been thankful for him since he came into our life when I was roughly 10 years old [I am approaching 32 now].

As I have always had a struggling relationship with my biological father it was certainly difficult for me to know what being a decent father meant. He was always falling short and things between us just never blossomed into what people call a “daddy daughter” relationship. Growing up without that was sometimes difficult. But then my mom met my stepdad and even though it did take some time to adjust, it was certainly something that I needed in my life.

My step dad has always been the one to be there for me. He was the only one who never judged me, even as a teen when I “came out”. He has shown me time and time again what it truly means to be a father. If I call him, he is there. If I need him, he is there. My life certainly would have turned out way different had he not met my mom. He was the father that chose me and continues to do that. I will always be grateful for him.


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