October 2021 Recap

October 1. A lazy morning. Errands in the afternoon. Friends in the evening.

October 2. A very challenging day for me in every aspect of myself. Between mental struggles and the body pains, it was just one of those days. I did spend some time in the kitchen with the two littles making a crockpot dinner and brownies. Chris had some idea that made him start a fire outside on a tree stump. I went out there for a little bit, but the joy was seriously lacking. I decided to come in and work on budgeting, redoing the dry erase calendar, and watching a thriller movie.

Movie of the day: Unsane – it is on hulu.

Chris had taken the 2 littles with him this morning to get some new work boots.

October 3.

Very intense body pains today. Spent the afternoon and evening with Chris’ family.

October 4.

Laundry. Reorganize closet to put summer stuff in the back. Kids tried on their costumes. A global social media outage occurred for the majority of the day [10am to 6pm-ish].

Dinner: ribs, honey garlic carrots and potatoes, and corn bread.

Movie night: Don’t Look Under The Bed

October 5. Experiencing really bad vertigo. Tried to keep the day chill. Sweet and sour meatballs for dinner. Sat outside for awhile until it was close to the kid’s bed time. Watched a movie after they were in bed, Miss You Already.

October 6.

Vertigo still in full force accompanied with a headache.

Late night reading. Up until 3AM to finish the book 😅.

October 7. Cleaning. Family chili and cinnamon roll dinner at my older brother’s house. Vertigo finally gone.

October 8. Bills. Errands. Laundry. Thrift store. Went out to dinner. Slumber party in Isla’s room. Check out the picture Chris took before he left for work 😂.

Not sure how Harrison ended up halfway on the stool 🥸😂

October 9. Emotionally difficult day. Went on a hunt for a VCR. 3 stores later we found one, woohoo! Chicken parm for dinner and home videos.

October 10. Pumpkin patch. Drive around. Dinner. Home. Put together kids Halloween treat bags for school. Found out today that one of my photos was accepted to be featured in a calendar. Pretty cool.

October 11. Another rough emotional day. Decided to take Harrison to lunch and Michaels. We ended up getting two Halloween crafts. We also made some Halloween pretzel treats for movie night. Terrible headache during school pickup. Got home and fell asleep on the couch with Harrison. Dinner [burgers & chips]. Movie night: The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad.

October 12. Harrison had his first mom and me swim lessons, he did so good! Afterwards we grabbed lunch and headed to my mom’s. Hung out there for a couple of hours before leaving to pickup the big kids from school. Target run. Home. Laundry. Dishes. Dinner [sweet and sour chicken lo mein]. Rest on couch with a muscle flare up.

October 13. Rough mental day. Crockpot dinner; enchilada soup. Ordered spooky donuts from Krispy Kreme. Trying to stay sane. Picked up kids from school. Picked up donuts. Home. School conferences.

October 14. Clean. Clean. Clean. Lunch. Target. Home. Wrap present. Mow. Vacuum Harrison’s carseat. Laundry. Clean windows. Organize packages. Dinner: fish & chips.

October 15. Can’t seem to remember what I did other than clean the kid’s bathroom and make jack-o-lantern quesadillas for dinner. Nephew stayed the night.

October 16. Bath. Errands. Home. Finished current book [A Totally Awkward Love Story]. Dinner at Spaghetti Works. Trick R Treat at the zoo. Home. Movie: The Hustle.

October 17. Park. Geocaching. Home. Dinner: Chris’ chili and I made cornbread. Movie: Under Wraps. Started new book [Little Fires Everywhere].

October 18. Orthodontist appointment for Wylan. Nothing too exciting today. Dinner: spaghetti and meatballs. Movie night: The Muppets Haunted Mansion.

October 19. Harrison’s swim class. Met up with Chris on his lunch break. Dinner was BBQ Chicken, green beans, and hush puppies. Watched The Witches [2020] And the first episode of What happened, Brittany Murphy.

October 20. After taking the older 2 kids to school, Harrison and I went to the zoo. It was a bit chilly and a lot of the animals weren’t outside. We still had fun getting out of the house for a few hours. Dinner was broccoli and cheese bread bowls. Chris has a cold of some kind, so he is getting tested tomorrow.

October 21. And Chris tested positive for Covid. Now we must all quarantine, yayyy. The kids have to stay home until November 9th. I started having a minor sore throat and feeling hot off and on. So with that said here is how my day went after finding all that out…[not entirely in the exact order]

  • Strip bedding from my bed and Wylan’s bed
  • Put away all the laundry from the 2 baskets in my room
  • Take Wylan’s clothes and belongings that he wanted/needs up to Isla’s room
  • Take Chris’ clothes, extra bedding, and a sickness basket to Wylan’s room so that he can live in there for the time being -got it ready for him
  • Wash and dry more laundry
  • Play trick r treat with the kids with the candy that we had put into treat bags for school
  • Make dinner -Pho
  • Clean the airplane bathroom
  • Do a science kit with the kids
  • Eat candy
  • Vacuum
  • Bathe the kids
  • Had my step dad bring me the oxygen monitor just to keep tabs on my levels.

October 22. I’m feeling more sickly [sore throat [like scratchy and swollen], a little congested but mostly nose drainage into throat, and being out of breath], but the show must go on. Morning: Pay bills, place grocery delivery order, laundry, feed children, talk to my mom, and then vegetate some. Afternoon: grab grocery delivery order off porch and put away. Feed everyone. Lysol house. Vegetate [watching detail geek, browsing the internet, and playing Lily’s Garden]. Evening: Chris was craving pizza so we wound up ordering some for delivery. Netflix and vegetate the rest of the night. Attempting to watch Squid Game. That did not last more than 15 minutes on account of frustration with other things. I spent some time browsing Christmas wrapping paper before finalizing my choices and ordering some. Laying in bed with the window open and it feels good to breathe fresh air, but man does the not being able to breathe properly suck!! I guess I should also state that we are doing our best here;  wearing masks, sanitizing, washing hands, keeping as much distance as possible from the kids.

October 23. Rough night. Have now added nausea, headache, cough, and body pains to my symptoms list. Chris is still about the same. So far the kids are okay [hopefully stays that way]. I ordered an at home covid test and guess what I am positive as well. Yay, covid party. Ugh.

October 24. Woke up all night with the chills. Slept off and on all day until about 5pm. Feeling like I was hit by a train. My big toe feels like it’s being strangled. I have not experienced hunger in 3 days. Cough worsening. Chris is still the same. We did watch a couple movies Madea Boo 2 and It.

October 25. I didn’t think I could feel much worse, but here I am. Woke up feeling congested [but still can breathe through nose]. Still have all the same symptoms as I have had already, but now I am losing my smell and taste abilities. My face literally hurts, my jaw hurts, my back feels like it’s been twisted around like a chain link swing, my toe is still weirdly feeling strangled, everything hurts, and entirely sucks! And by the evening I started experiencing a throat and chest pain. It is a mixture of burning and swollen feeling. Awful to say the least.

The kids are still fine. Making messes and trying to keep their minds entertained. I really hope they don’t get this.

We did watch It Chapter Two. And by we I mean Chris and I hibernating in the bedroom as much as possible away from the kids. We still mask up, wash our hands, and even lysol before having to interact with them. They also know to stay at the doorway when they need something [for the most part, the younger 2 forget sometimes].

October 26. Horrible night. Still having all the same symptoms and my taste and smell are 100% gone now. It is so weird. One of the hardest parts [besides the sickness itself] is not being able to hug my kids. My youngest is doing his best to understand what is happening [he is 2.5]. I am grateful that they have all been getting along mostly well. One day at a time.

October 27. Now adding burning nose to the list and sneezing a lot. I can definitely tell my muscles are weaker today. Chris is feeling better. We watched Black Widow. Started watching Raised By Wolves.

October 28. Woke up with a terrible migraine. I did crockpot chicken stew, even though it seems silly since I am not able to actually taste anything. I am over this entire sickness, it needs to go away! Kids are still doing fine.

Helpful tips to help get through covid at home. Acetaminophen every 4-6 hours, mucinex twice a day, anefrin nasal spray twice a day, increase vitamin intake [I have Emergen-c immune+ gummies with vitamin d], and an emergen-c drink powder mix with elderberry “shot” once a day. Have a device to keep track of oxygen levels, 95-100 is normal. Anything consistently lower than 95 should be seen by a healthcare professional. Premade meals have been a life saver for our family during the more difficult days and also less things to contaminate if it’s already assembled. Rest and staying hydrated.

October 29. Everyone is still the same. Tonight we went to bring in the pumpkins from the front steps and to our surprise we were “boo-ed” with a boo basket. The kids were so excited. We still aren’t sure who brought it, but we are thinking it might of been a neighbor. It had candy, stickers, bubbles, funny glasses and a headband, a spooky book, cookies, and stuff to make cupcakes.

October 30. I slept off and on until around 3pm when Chris woke me up. Still feeling icky.  Everyone else is doing fine. The kids made a cake and we told spooky stories with a flashlight. We also carved pumpkins.

October 31. Happy Halloween. No trick or treating for us this year, but we are going to keep with our tradition and have breakfast for dinner.

Can you believe we are already going into November??? What are you looking forward to in the next month? I am eager to have my tastebuds back and not feeling sick everyday. We also need to get the ball rolling on our outdoor lights before it’s too cold and snowy to put them up. Do I want multi colored lights or white ones this year?? 🤔

Onto the next!

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