September 2021 Recap

Like I mentioned last month, I wanted to try something different for this month’s recap. I decided try to do a picture a day. It will be a mix of what we ate, maybe what I wore, and any other note worthy happenings. [You will see as the month progresses, less pictures were taken. The month got a bit crazy for a minute.]

September 1.

I really like using my “old lady” crockpot. I call it that because it was actually Chris’ grandma’s. It still works perfectly fine and I can’t bring myself to upgrade to a fancy new one. Anyway. Tonight’s dinner consisted of crockpot chicken thighs that marinated overnight in Italian salad dressing. I just kept it on low for about 5 hours. For sides I made baked asparagus [ olive oil and garlic powder, bake @ 425°F for 15 minutes] and cauliflower rice [organic steam bag].

September 2.

Watching a penguin documentary and they are building their stone nests. Isla, my 4 year old says, “mommy, do you think he shit?” 😂

Sometime during the same documentary, she was crying because she wanted a bath and was told not tonight. She put her head on me and Harrison came up trying to lay on me. He then pushed her while saying, “no…I’m crying..” [very calmly and not actually crying]. He just wanted mom to himself.

September 3.

Homemade Flatbread pizza

September 4.

The current status of our pumpkins. We have 9!
Dinner was a vegan version of Olive Garden’s Gnocchi soup. Yum!

September 5.

Out and about. Blended Maple Vanilla Latte 😋.

September 6.

Didn’t take any pictures today. Went to Chris’ parent’s house.

Sept 7.

Baking and haircut.

He is growing too fast 😢

I checked the pumpkins today and we lost 3 to moisture 😔.

September 8.

Originally I was wearing the rust shirt, but realized it was not doing much flattering for me. Time to rotate it out I guess-thankful for poshmark! Wound up going with the floral top and ripped jeans.

On Chris’ way home from work he saw a neighbor had a free sign on a playhouse at the end of their driveway. After we ate dinner, we went and picked it up. The kids were so excited! I am eager to paint it and make it all cutesy 😅.

September 9.

I thought today would be an ordinary uneventful day. I decided, after getting home from picking the kids up from school, to mow the backyard. I was about a third of the way done and was making my way uphill when all the sudden a tiny creature hopped out from underneath the mower. It was a baby bunny. Luckily it got out because my how traumatizing that would have been. It went under our firewood pile behind the shed. Our dogs are very territorial and I knew if they had the slightest knowledge of that bunny being there, it would not live through the night.

So the kids and I went on a mission. Dogs inside. Try to get bunny out from under the pile and out of our yard unharmed. I moved all the wood from where the bunny was and it hopped further into the pile. I wound up having the kids bring me a 5 gallon bucket hoping maybe I could get it in there and move it to safety. I had to move our entire pile of wood over. Eventually, the bunny hopped over my foot and into our backyard neighbor’s yard. Hopefully the little thing doesn’t make its way back into mine. My dogs just would go nuts. It was smaller than my hand and wasn’t a fast hopper, I don’t think it would have stood a chance. I am just glad it found its way out.

Sometime after the bunny escaped, Wylan came in the house with a bloody foot. He thinks he had glass in it. He gets really bad anxiety when he bleeds and was in a panic. Thankfully I was able to resolve and calm the situation. Phew.

I also realized today that we had another huge pumpkin growing! So, we lost 3 for sure and gained 1. I think we have 5 good ones now and one that is still growing, but has a questionable spot on it.

September 10.

A hectic day for sure. Two notable happenings…

My mom, my kids, myself, and my nephew went to pay our respects and show support to the home coming of Marine Corporal Daegan Page. It was an incredible sight to see the community like that. No hate, just love standing there on the streets as the motorcade went by.

We had my youngest niece and nephew stay the night. Never a dull moment with 4 kids 4 years and younger.

The entire day during these happenings I just kept thinking, “I hope to remember these times”.

September 11.

Chasing tiny humans, changing tiny human’s diapers, cleaning tiny human’s messes, and then napping after they left. Pizza and watching dirt track racing on the tv. Muscles not good today.

September 12.

No pictures, but Isla and I went out and about in the morning. We went thrifting, to TJ Maxx, and to Ulta. Bleached and dyed my hair and Wylan’s hair. Niece and nephew came back to stay the night [family emergency – village assembled].

September 13.

September 14.

September 15.

Cleaning. Oil change. Laundry. Niece and nephew back for a couple days.

September 16.

Chaos and Messes.

September 17.

Errands. Friends came to play.

“Mama take my picture”

September 18.

Burnt out.

September 19.

Birthday party. Thrift store wandering. Target for groceries.

Mesquite pork tenderloin, roasted garlic potatoes, and sweet potatoes.

September 20.

Rainy monday
Photo session with Synyster who refuses to drink water from a bowl
Home depot shenanigans
The best animated toy I have ever seen 🥸🤣

Cleaning carpets today. When my oldest randomly tells me he remembers his past life. He says he was a deep sea diver in the 1920s, his birthday was September 13th. He died from a shark attack after his suit failed and started taking in water. 🧐

September 21.

Cajun salmon, roasted broccoli, and sweet potato fries

September 22.

First day of fall treating myself, cinnamon roll and apple pie spice ice coffee ☕ 😋
Painted the front door.
Attempted to make Pho in the crockpot. Turned out pretty good!

September 23.

Came home to a surprise on my step today!

September 24.

Pretty sunset.

September 25.

Out and about. Porch decorating. Apple cider is a no for me.

September 26.

Originally I had made some pumpkin Gnocchi thing, but it wasn’t good. Had to make an impromptu dinner of angus meatballs, pumpkin vegan-ish mac and cheese, and broccoli. We spent the afternoon binge watching Interrogation.

September 27.

Monday happenings. Poshmark and thriftbooks orders arrived. Tamed the hair beast. Not pictured is Monday Movie Night; we watched Gremlins.

September 28.

What I wore around the house. What I wore to pickup kids. What I wore doing nothing productive. Not pictured is the homemade jambalaya I made for dinner. Started a new book today as well.

September 29.

National coffee day, wooo! I wound up using my rewards for a free frappe. No picture though.

I tore apart a wreath I had and redid it with some floral pieces I had lying around.
It’s pretty when it’s clean. 🙂
Where I am so far.

September 30.

Today’s happenings.

Finishing off the month with pecan pie cheesecake and scary movies.

Onto October!! 🎃

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