August 2021 Recap

Day 1. Spent the day with my best friend. Started to watch Handsmaids Tale and Manifest.

Day 2. Dishes. Post office. Library. Poshmark sales. Workout. Crockpot dinner. Write. Read. Monday movie night watched Wish Dragon. Finished season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy.

Day 3. Dishes. Post office. Mow front yard. Pull weeds. Water fight. Bathe kids. Eye doctor. Crash Team Racing. Dinner. Park. Bed.

Day 4. Up at 5am 😵. Stretches. Bath. Kid’s breakfast. Vacuum. Unload and load Dishes. My Breakfast. Clip kids nails. Detag all back to school clothes. Package Poshmark sale. Snack. Laundry. Kid’s Lunch. Clean 2 bathrooms. Animal crossing. Fold & put away laundry. Clean bedroom. Laundry. Unload and load Dishes. My lunch. Read. Play game with toddler. Fold and put away laundry. Mow backyard. Weed whack. Pull weeds. Pickup crab apples and dog poop. Break down branches. Rake leaves. Cleanup yard toys. Shower. Dinner. Load dishwasher. Clean kid’s room. Animal crossing. Lost Speedways. Talladega Nights. Sleep.

Day 5. Workout. Kid’s breakfast. Watch YouTube while>> Unload and load dishwasher. Eat my brunch. Organize plates cabinet. Prep my breakfasts. Organize pantry. Kid’s lunch. Figure out dinner. Crockpot. Vacuum my room. Make my bed. Clean Monkey’s soon to be room to prep for painting. Paint light pink walls. Kid’s snacks. My snack. Animal Crossing. Chat with my mom. Unload and load dishwasher. Be attacked by toddler. Browse pinterest. Dinner. Rinse and Load dishes. Lounge. Sleep.

Day 6. Woke up to a bunch of messages on my phone. Dealing with childhood trauma all day. Kid’s breakfast. My Breakfast. Dance party. Popcorn and Handsmaid Tale. Lunch. Kids bath. Chat with people. Browse pinterest 🎃. Target. Dinner🍕. Dishes. Draw/color with Monkey. Kid’s bedtime. Handsmaid Tale. Older kids still awake and want snack. Take a bath. Be bothered by children during bath. Paint toenails. Bed. Bob’s burgers.

Day 7. Woke up at 6am to a beeping sound. Went to find the beeping. [Oldest son’s phone alarm was going off]. Back to bed. Woke up with a headache. Step dad called. Breakfast. Get kids ready. Get self ready. Storm and sirens. Basement clean up party, waiting out the storm. Target. Pickup step dad from hospital. Take him to target. Follow him home. Take him back to hospital. Go Home. Make side dishes. Vegetate for a little bit. Pickup toys. Go to Chris’ parent’s house. Home. Storm. Animal crossing. Hail. Snack. Bed. YouTube [the wads].

Day 8. Bad dream. Got out of bed around 1030 AM. Got dressed. Ate food. Went to zoo. Daughter had an injury to her head at the zoo. Luckily it stopped bleeding. Walked around for 2 hours or so. Came home. Vacuumed car out. Package Poshmark sale. Eat dinner. Go to little brother’s 5th birthday party. Home. Fell asleep early.

Day 9. Up at 530AM. Little chat with my mom. Cuddles and conversation with Bug. Browse the internet. Made toast for Bug. Big kids woke around 8AM. I had a headache and fell asleep.  Kids woke me up off and on until 10AMish. Pickle made them all waffles and toast. Bug was trying to play “animal frosting” –animal crossing. I helped until it needed charged. Unload and load dishwasher. Lunch. Headache and sore ankle/foot. Toddler doing couch tricks smashed my face. Laid down, not feeling great. Monkey’s home visit via zoom. Dinner. Movie night. Bed. Handsmaids Tale. Sleep.

Day 10. Woke up not feeling well. Meds. Kid’s breakfast. Laid down. Browse pinterest 🎃 &chat with sister in law. Load dishwasher. Crockpot dinner. Made lunch. Color pictures with Monkey. Lay back down. Meal plan. Painting edge of wall in Monkey’s room. Animal crossing with Monkey. Bring up some decor for monkey’s room. Hang up some stuff on the one wall that is done. Move furniture around trying to decide on the layout. Lay back down. Animal crossing for about 10 minutes before someone took it from me. Finish making dinner. Make brownies. Eat dinner. Unload and load dishwasher. Clean counters. Lay down.

Day 11. Woke up to the kids fighting. Made them toast. Spent 7 hours painting kitchen cabinets and walls. Went to open house night at the kid’s school. Made dinner. Painted more on the walls. Cleaned up painting stuff. Kids bedtime. Read them 2 stories. Bed. Animal crossing. Sleep.

Day 12. Woke up at 4am. Again at 5am with Bug. He kept requesting Sprite and watching Lightning McQueen. I put the movie on for him and fell back asleep. Alarm went off at 630am. Fell back asleep until 7am. Got Monkey ready for her first day of preschool. Kid’s breakfast. Chris came in his garbage truck to surprise Monkey [came with to drop her off]. Off to school. Home. Cranky Bug all morning. Fell asleep on couch. Get Monkey from school. McDonald’s. Home. Unload and load dishwasher. Make bed. Clean bathrooms. Vacuum. Clean kid’s room. Fold and put away 2 baskets of laundry. Help monkey with animal crossing. Dinner. Budget and meal plan. Animal crossing. Kids in bed. Handsmaids Tale. Sleep.

Day 13. 7am wake up. Get kids up. Dance party. Pay bills and order things. First day of 3rd grade for Pickle -obligatory pic. Drop off at school. Get gas. Get carwash. Pickup target. Get BK. Home. PBS kids. Print stuff for mom. Brainstorming a Christmas list. Lunch. Be a human trampoline. Pickup Monkey’s toys. Pickup Pickle from school. Dairy Queen. Pickup Groceries. Home. Unload Groceries. Organize pantry. Unload and load dishwasher. Touchup kitchen paint. Paint stairway. Prime Monkey’s walls. Tape trim and ceiling. Shower. Lay down  for about 30 minutes. Go to jimmy johns. Go pickup toy storage stand. Go to learning store. Go to TJ Max. Go to Home goods. Go to Lowes. Home. Paint. Bath. Lay down. Watch Instagram reels. Sleep 3AM.

Day 14. Woke up to a cat accidentally clawing my ankle. Back to sleep. 11AM Wake up officially. Human trampoline. Eat. Waterpark. Home. Unicorn day sleepover [8 kids]. Pizza. Painting. Cupcakes. Play. Bed time. Kids up until 1AM. Sleep.

Day 15. Wake up at 6AM. Put on Inside Out. All the little kids up by 730AM. Breakfast. Big kids up at 830AM. Breakfast. Get kids dressed. Do kid’s hair. Play. Take tape off Monkey’s walls. Clean up Monkey’s room/arrange furniture. Play. Snacks. Play. Clean Up. Most of the kids picked up by 1115AM. Lunch. Shower. Get ready. Go to niece and nephew’s birthday party. Go to kid’s resale store. Go to Michaels. Go to get food. Home. Eat. Detag clothes. Organize kid’s books. Pickup toys in Bug’s room. Vacuum kid’s rooms. Kid’s shower time. Read to Monkey. Fold towels. Kids bed. Lay down. Handsmaids Tale. New Girl. Sleep [1AM].

Day 16. Alarm at 625AM. Fell back asleep. Second alarm at 7AM. Wake kids up. Get dressed. Help Monkey get dressed. My Breakfast. Watch t.v. for a few minutes. Both big kids off to school. Home. Laundry and watching thewads on YouTube. Help Bug with tablet. Watch Cars. Chat with people. Lunch. Paint in Monkey’s room. Play wheels on the bus with Bug. Leave to get kids from school. Read in car while waiting at school. Home. Coach kids through chore lists. Take a break. Clean basement [playroom] and vacuum. Throw a load of laundry in washer. Phone with Chris. Girls evening with Monkey, my best friend and her boyfriend’s daughter. Pedicures and costco. Home. Put away groceries. Shower. Help Monkey shower. Read Monkey and Bug a book. Kid’s to bed. Bed. Handsmaids Tale. Sleep.

Day 17. Wake up ay 7AM. Wake up kids. Get Monkey dressed for school & do her hair [she is ultra cranky today]. Breakfast for Bug. Take kids to school. Home. Breakfast for me & snack for Bug. Paw patrol. Blaze and the Monster Machines. Lunch. Put away laundry. Pickup kids from school [Bug slept and I read while we waited]. Home. Chores. Dinner. Dishes. Headache. Lay down on bed and zonked out.

Day 18. Woke up with headache still, 7AM. Got kids up and dressed. Breakfast. Take kids to school. Home. Snacks for Bug. Dinosaur train. Online window shopping. Not feeling that great. Watched part of Cars. Went to Michaels. Went to Panera. Wait at school for kids to get out [read while waiting]. Dollar Tree. Home. Kids chores. Start cutting felt for project. Back flare up, laid down for about 30 minutes. Dinner. Bath time for kids. Kids bed time. Cut more felt. Handsmaids Tale [start season 3]. Sleep.

Day 19. Wake up at 530AM to rambunctious toddler who insisted on watching Paw Patrol. Back to sleep. Wake up at 615 to toddler pleeding for paw patrol because his tv wasn’t working. Back to sleep. Wake up 5 minutes later to toddler wanting fruit snacks. Back to sleep. Alarm at 7AM. Laid there for 5 minutes. Got up and woke up 2 older kids. Helped Monkey get dressed. Breakfast. Browse thriftbooks. Off to school. Home. Check on pumpkins, we have bees 🐝!! Yay! Water pumpkins. Paw patrol. Be a human racetrack. Snacks. Cars 2 and nap. Check mail. Lunch. Open packages. Laundry. Pickup toys and Vacuum livingroom. Pickup kids from school [read while waiting]. Home. Glue felt. Move mattresses. Clean under my bed. Put bedding on Monkey’s bed. Dinner. Watch The Suicide Squad. Be a human train track. Kids bed time. Animal crossing for 20 minutes or so. Handsmaids Tale. Sleep.

Day 20. Wake up 620AM to Bug kicking me in the head. Back to sleep. Wake up every 10 minutes until alarm at 7AM. Get kids up. Breakfast. Make grocery order. School drop off. Dunkin donuts. Home. Sick toddler. Storm. PBS kids. Glue felt. Print some stuff. Make my bed. Change pictures in frames. Watch Grinch, trying to get Bug to nap. Pickup Pickle from school. Pickup Groceries. Home. Put Groceries away. Dishes. Rearrange some of my bedroom furniture. Brought out some fall decor. Dinner. Watched the new Paw Patrol movie. Lay in bed. Play animal crossing while Chris watched dirt track racing. Kids to bed. Try to get Bug comforted to sleep. Handsmaids Tale. Couldn’t sleep. Mega munchies. Bug took over my bed. Slept on couch watching New Girl.

Day 21. Did not want to adult all morning. Around noon, did dishes. Empty trash. Breakfast for me. Pulled weeds from pumpkin “patch”. Watered pumpkins. Watched Chris trim the tree. Had kids help make protein balls. Shower. Put up Monkey’s bookshelves. Read a couple stories. Chat with my mom. Paintings. Dishes. Dinner. Tidy kitchen counters. Fold laundry. Watch Handsmaids Tale with Chris. Clip Bug’s nails. Continue with Handsmaids Tale. Finally got Bug to sleep-still sick. Got kicked out of my bed at 2am. Slept on couch.

Day 22. Woke up at 830AM tired. Breakfast. Laid down and fell asleep. Shower. Crockpot dinner. Dishes. Animal crossing. Did a small target order. Made cornbread. Dinner. Read to kids. Bath time for kids. Kids to bed [830]. Tried to play animal crossing, switch wasnt cooperating. Sick toddler kept coming in and out of my room. I finally decided to lay on his bedroom floor [around 1015] until he fell asleep [around 1030]. Watched some YouTube videos. Decided to declutter my kitchen cabinets and do dishes at midnight. 🤣😅 laid down right before 1AM. Sleep around 230.

Day 23. First alarm at 630AM, back to sleep. Alarm at 7AM. Accidentally fell back asleep, woke up at 715AM. Woke up kids. Helped Monkey get dressed. Breakfast. Take kids to school. Home. Organize kitchen to get “pantry” cabinet emptied. Rearrange livingroom. Fix curtain rod in livingroom. Write recipe cards. Make jello. Vacuum rug in den and put it outside. Call orthodontist. Go through some stuff in the den to throw away. Do a sticker book with Bug. Take a break on couch 1105AM. Chat with sister in law. Snack. Animal crossing. Irritable toddler. 145PMish go in the car. Go to get food. Go to school and eat while we wait for the kids. Pickup kids. Home. Kids chores. Put laundry in washer. Fold and put away laundry basket that was in my room. Help Monkey with writing numbers. Animal crossing. Switch laundry around. Lay down for a few minutes. Phone with Chris. Dinner. Movie night. Kids bath and bed time. Tried to take a bath, bug wound up getting in. He was irritable AF. Got out, got us dressed, and he decided to lay on me. He fell asleep to me singing his favorite song to him. I watched Instagram reels for a bit. Played animal crossing until about midnight. Sleep.

Day 24. Woke up at 7AM. Got kids up. Got dressed and helped Monkey get ready. Breakfast. Off to school. Rheumatologist appointment, also got a foot x-ray. Home. Watered pumpkins. Played with bubbles. Came inside and had snacks. Did dishes. Crockpot dinner. Blog. Lunch. Meal plan. Write to-do list. Pick up kids from school [read while waiting]. Home. Kids chores. Snack. Read a few books to Monkey. Clip Pickle’s nails. Dinner. Dishes. Switch out coffee table. Lay down on bed. Animal crossing. Kids shower time. Clipped Bug’s nails. Kids to bed. Bug kept getting up to come find me. Chat with sister in law. Reread some of my older blogs. Storm around 1AM. Got iffy, went to basement with kids and 1 dog, no power. Back upstairs around 2AM. Sleep.

Day 25. Wake up 7AM. Wake up kids. Help Monkey get dressed. Breakfast. School. Home. Bambi 2. Nap. Snacks. Watch Cars and Cars 2. Chat with sister in law. Browse pinterest. Brother came by for lunch. Crockpot dinner. Pick up kids from school [read while waiting]. Scooters. Gas. Home. Body pains, sit in bed. Read to kids and do a seek and find book with them. Lay down. Animal Crossing and browsing pinterest with Monkey for Fall and Winter outfits. Came down to finish making dinner – Chris took over so I could sit. Watch The Sandlot. Dinner. Zonked out. Woke up at 830PM. Went to bed. Watched some YouTube, couldn’t fall asleep. Bug made his way to my bed around 130AM. Sleep around 230AM.

Day 26. Wake up at 8AM. Get everyone ready for the day. Breakfast. Hang out for about an hour. Orthodontist appointment. Kids to school. Home. Check on pumpkins- we have 2 babies!! Lunch. Cars 3. Dishes. Brother came for lunch. Learned I have a younger half sister, trying to process that. The sickness is spreading in our house – me, Chris, Monkey have it. Bug seems to be on the mend. Pickle has no complaints. Pickup kids from school [finished by current book while waiting]. Home. Showed them the tiny pumpkins. Chat with people. Dinner. Watch Mrs. Doubtfire. Lay in bed contemplating the holidays. Fell asleep while chris rubbed my feet.

Day 27. 7am wake up. Paid bills. Placed grocery order. Made warm tea for Monkey and I. Breakfast. Clean up dog vomit. Steam mop. Dishes. Tidy kitchen. Strip bedding off all beds. Shower. Monkey shower. Sanitize door knobs and light switches. Cuddles. Laundry. Pickup Groceries. Lunch. Home. Unload Groceries. Put away groceries. Vacuum. Laundry. Cat box. Take out trash. Watch a shark documentary with kids (their pick). Sanitize toys and kids furniture. Phone with Chris. 4 Cousins stay the night. Harry Potter and snacks. Gaming. Good Dinosaur. Kids asleep 1030PM. Bed. Animal crossing. Sleep.

Day 28. Wake up at 7AM. Breakfast. Change diapers. Play. Prep my lunches for the week. Fold and put away laundry. Hang out with kids. Lunch. Watch videos with niece. Budget finances. Nieces and nephews got picked up. Hose off back patio. Hose off 2 rugs. Go through stuff in the den. Dinner. Hang out at home. YouTube. Sleep 1AM.

Day 29. Wake up. Breakfast. Shower. Watch Cruella. Lunch. Monopoly junior. Cool Runnings. Hungry Hungry Hippos. Fell asleep. Dinner. Cookies. Harry potter. Kids baths. Kids to bed. Bed. YouTube. Instagram reels. Snack. Sleep 1AM.

Day 30. Woke up at 645AM to my dog howling. Laid in bed until 7AM. Woke up kids. Got Monkey dressed and did her hair. Breakfast. Started unloading dishwasher. Fill water bottles for school. Off to school. Home. Check pumpkins (I think we have 4 now and one is bigger than an orange- woohoo!). Finished unloading and loading the dishwasher. Cars 3 (Bug is obsessed). Snacks. Cars. Cars 2. Lunch. Do hair and self care. Go to pickup kids from school [started new book while waiting]. Home. Show kids pumpkins. Snacks. Deep clean bathrooms. Clean and sanitize Bug’s room. Fold and put away laundry. Play with Monkey. Dinner. Dishes. Kids showers. Watched a decorating Disneyland for Christmas. Movie night – We Bought A Zoo. Kids bed. Fell asleep 12AM.

Day 31. Woke up at 2AM to a loud storm. Checked the radar, seemed questionable so I moved to the livingroom to watch the newscast. Fell back asleep around 245AM. Woke up off and on until 6AM. Caught Pickle trying to steal the remote from under my arm 😂. Back to sleep until 7AM when my alarm went off. Monkey and Pickle both wound up in the livingroom with me overnight. Went upstairs to get Monkey’s clothes and wake up Bug. Got the older kids up and helped Monkey get ready. Breakfast. More news. Fill water bottles and find umbrellas. Off to school. Home. Cars 3 [yes again]. Bug required snacks. Window shopping online. Watched a YouTube video. Watch Cars [first one] with Bug. Then he requested to watch all the short “movies” Cars has. Then he decided on a shark documentary and playing on his tablet. I researched some game apps for learning for Pickle to use. Lunch. Dishes. Restock the kid’s snack bin. Crockpot dinner. Write September’s calendar. Sweep and mop. Give Bug a bath. Vacuum. Look at our vacation memory book with Bug, twice. Go to pickup kids from school (read while waiting). Home. Snacks. Meal plan for next week and compile grocery list. Cuddle irritable toddler while watching Cars 3 AGAIN. Hang out with kids. Dinner. Dishes. Read with Bug. Browse pinterest. Kids Baths. Quick bath for myself. Chat with mom. Nephew and stepdad came over for a minute. Snuggle Bug. Kids to bed. Watch YouTube.

And just like that, another month has gone by. I definitely had more time for peace with the older 2 kids at school [less time for fighting]. I have found my “me time” in the car while Bug is napping and I am able to read for the hour that we wait at the school [yes an hour, the lines are ridiculous]. It has been a nice new norm for me.

The next month’s recap is going to be different, I think. I have a couple ideas, but we will see where it goes.


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