House Updates [Kitchen & Dining room]

We have been in our house for 3.5 years now and things have changed multiple times. Am I the only weirdo that likes to change my dwelling often? I think I get it from my mother, she has always enjoyed rearranging furniture. I also think my need for it blossomed when I would try to get permission to do things growing up and being told no, but also when I would do it anyway and get in trouble. Like that one time I tried painting pink and white polka dots on the wall in the basement; which was my room at the time. Only being told, “absolutely not paint over that shit now”. Ahh good times, right ma?

Anyway, I remember when we came to see our house now, before it was ours, and the painter was here painting everything beige. Ever since I can remember, I was never a fan of “stale” white or beige walls. I like color, I like funk, and I like to express personality. I was sort of burnt out on the house process when we moved in though. The only things we wound up painting when we moved in was the kitchen, one wall in the dining room to match the kitchen, and two of the four bedrooms. Everything else was left the beige color. Since then the bedrooms have changed a few times, but we will save that post for later.

After we moved in we painted it green.

Then of course, pinterest stepped in and got my wheels turning on my kitchen. It started with a picture of a kitchen – I will insert that here for you.

Is that not a beautiful kitchen? Now, it took me 5 months of truly considering the change because HELLO…WHITE WALLS. I was never into WHITE WALLS. I knew I wanted to paint our cabinets at some point because white cabinets and dirty hands do not mesh. We did wind up changing the hardware to black instead of silver. It helped, but I knew it wasn’t going to last forever that way. I just knew it would be a huge project to do the cabinets and the want to was not strong enough to do it for 3 years.

Back in May, I finally decided I really needed that kitchen aesthetic in my life and started prepping. I figured I wouldn’t get it all done in one shot. I started with one side of the kitchen, where the stove is. In fact, I only did the lower cabinets to start. Then the project sat for 2 months. Finally, I decided I was tired of looking at it and needed to get motivated to finish. Well, I finally did it! It took me about 20 hours total to do the cabinets and yes, the WHITE walls, but I LOVE IT SO MUCH!

The only thing left is to add some backsplash, which we are planning to do soon. I did wind up doing a small painting to hang above the sink, at least for now. I have a hard time with empty walls apparently.

It is funny how a person’s taste can change. I use to LOVE farmhouse decor. When we moved in it was spewing all over my living areas. It lasted about a year before I was wanting to change it again. I left it for awhile and then eventually started changing things out into more of a boho style. Honestly, while I do like looking at boho, it just isn’t for me. I figured out that I really like eclectic and cottage style. Then I decided, I need to stop labeling my style and just do what makes me joyful. I have to live here and see these walls all day long. I don’t need to follow one strict set of decor rules. Though, my OCD does like flow and symmetry. I don’t really know what you would consider my overall style now. My realtor use to say she couldn’t wait to see my house “Jennified”. Maybe that is my style name, jennified, haha.

Not only did I have to do my kitchen, but the dining room needed to flow with that as well. So of course, that got a new facelift too. I am not completely sold on the all white walls in there for some reason, but until I can make a decision that feels right, it will do. Oh, so far the walls have not been as bad as the cabinets were with dirty hands. Hopefully that continues to be the case.

I wound up making this felt leaf garland and love the colors that it adds to the space. It doesn’t make that wall look so white. Perhaps I will have to keep that area decorated for the seasons with garlands. Also, I LOVE my dining table now that I redid it. It use to be a farmhouse style; white and wood. I read somewhere yesterday that black is trending now. Before I knew that, black was/is trending for me too. We will see how long that lasts, ha!

What is your style and how has it changed? Do you enjoy decorating or rearranging furniture to make things feel different/new? LET ME KNOW DOWN BELOW IN THE COMMENTS!

❤ jenn

4 replies to “House Updates [Kitchen & Dining room]

    1. I figure as long as you’re happy with it! I think I have finally found the aesthetic that brings me the most joy and have no desire to change it. We will see how long that lasts though haha!


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