Things I Wish Swimsuits Had (try on)

I am 100% on the body positivity train. As a plus size person, it is such a beautiful thing to see other people trying to change the way society works. I have even seen some of the people that I knew as body shamers, changing their tune.

I have had a negative outlook on my body for quite some time. In my adult life that has certainly impacted my summers because I never wanted to be seen as anything less than everyone else’s view of beautiful. Finding swimsuits that I was comfortable in, that fit well, was not expensive, and that I liked, was (and still is) a challenge.

As I have started becoming more comfortable with my “fupa” and aging/saggy skin in all the places, I have tried to branch out and try on the suits that I am drawn to. This lead me to buying 3 new suits this year [one of which I think I already got rid of as I cannot find it anywhere]. I also got out the 2 suits I had from the last couple of years when my body was a bit smaller. I decided to do a little try on -fashion show at lunch. And then discuss some of the issues I see in most suits.

Here is a suit that I bought when I was 40 pounds lighter.

It still fits and pulls my “fupa” in. The top is supposed to be by bra size. While I do like the cup size, you can see that the waist band is a little tight and it is not adjustable.

Here is the other bottoms I bought last year to go with the top that I already had.

I do like these bottoms better. It seems like the crotch area has a little bit more fabric, which I am all for to prevent any slip outs 😅. The fabric just isn’t as thick as the black bottoms, so I am feeling like they could actually fall down given the right circumstances (waves, jumping, sliding).

Now this next suit I was literally in love with as soon as I saw it.

The thing about shopping online though, is you cannot really tell what it is really like as a fabric. All you see is a posed, makeup-ed model wearing it in the most perfect way. I was really sad about the lack of support in this suit. The fabric is way too thin and, for me, there is too much fabric in the one strap. There is also no support for under the chest.

This next suit I was excited about as well.

I got this suit because I have always been a little conscious about #1 my arms and #2 my boobs falling out of a swimsuit top. I thought this was a pretty suit and was more of a conservative choice to help eliminate my worries. Unfortunately this suit also had no support for the chest. I keep having to pull the suit down so that my boobs do not slip out of the bottom.

With all these suits, I keep saying, I wish it had ________. I decided I would list out these things in hopes that maybe it might help swimsuit companies make some changes.

  1. Swimsuit top pads should be secured in place. I find it super annoying to keep moving these pads around. I also find it frustrating when they come out during washing and drying, often times disappearing forever.
  2. Swimsuit tops should be adjustable. Why are straps and waist bands not adjustable? I’m not talking about the kind that tie, because for me, those are even worse (always loosening). But not everyone that is a size 38DD is built the exact same. Some of us have longer, or shorter chests, that make a “one size fits all” impossible to fit all. Having adjustable straps would make this more inclusive to everyone.
  3. Bottoms should have wider crotch regions. I don’t know who’s crotches designers use as a “standard” when making suits. I for one would appreciate even an extra inch of fabric. Nothing is more embarrassing than a coochie slip!!
  4. More options for supportive tops, underneath the breasticles.  I really find it hard to be present in the moments when I am constantly keeping mine from slipping under the bottom of a swimsuit top. I have even had difficulties with one pieces that have no support whatsoever.

So there you have it. Swimsuits should not be this huge frustrating ordeal. If I had the money and the know how, I would be creating my own line.

Where do you buy swimsuits from? I have tried Target, Kohls, Amazon, Shein, and RoseGal. I personally have a hard time spending a lot on a swimsuit. If I had it my way, everything would cost 20$ or less. I know that isn’t logical in today’s world, but if you have suggestions for budget friendly places let me know!!



  1. I enjoyed your post. I am also a plus size person and have been most of my adult life with my weight holding steady at a certain number.
    I remember always getting stressed every time I had to see my Dr. which caused my blood pressure to rise. Of course he always told me I had to lose weight to get BP down. One day I’d had enough and after his usual weight comments I looked him in the eyes and told him “ my Dad’s family is short and fat and my Mom’s family is tall and fat so what are my chances of being a size 10”? He looked at me for a moment, apologized and never mentioned weight again.
    My last Dr.’s appointment myBP was 128/70.

    We are more than just a number on a scale.

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    1. Yes! It is always the first thing they mention at appointments. I experienced a lot of that with my first 2 pregnancies, too. I am proud of you for saying something to your doctor!

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