Summer 2021 Bucket List

I cannot believe we are almost done with this school year already. It is sort of bittersweet for me. One of the skills they teach us in DBT group is coping ahead.

I feel like with Summer approaching it is a good time to practice coping ahead. Trying to come up with structure for 3 different aged kids, their eating habits, and also maintaining my sanity are just a few reasons it is necessary to cope, or plan, ahead. I started pinteresting ideas last month for Summer activities. I thought it would be fun to make a bucket list out of the ideas that inspire us the most. So here I am!

I basically am using this Summer list in regards to the months of May through August.

1. Dirt track races. My husband and his family grew up racing at the dirt tracks and watching racing every weekend. I was introduced to it from the very start of our relationship. We use to go all of the time during the summer months. Then the kids came along and schedules changed. We just couldn’t make it happen as much as we wanted to. My goal this Summer is to go at least once a month!

2. Camping. I grew up going tent camping during the Summer months before my parent’s divorced. It has always been something I enjoyed. Chris and I went once right after we got married. We went all out buying gear; a brand new tent, fishing gear, cooking equipment, and everything in between. To make a long story short, we had a terrible experience with inclement weather. Chris was so angry he threw the brand new tent away in the dumpster and vowed “NEVER AGAIN”. I have been bugging him ever since to go camping. Our kids love the outdoors so much, I just know they will love camping. His compromise was that we need to buy a popup camper. I just felt like the price of campers is more than I am willing to pay right now, though we have been looking. We wound up going to Dick’s Sporting Goods today for no good reason (Chris’ idea) and guess what I found?! An 8 person tent for 50% off. Brand new, never opened, and literally only one left. Immediately I am like this is just meant to be. So after 9 years of pestering, Chris is finally willing to try again. WE GOT THE TENT! I am hoping to go at least twice this summer.

3. Tulip festival. I believe this is actually occurring next weekend. I am really hoping we can make it!

4. Save the bees! Last year I planted a small “garden” of tomatoes and peppers. Unfortunately, they never seemed to pollinate. I know there has been a drastic decline in the bee population. I also know what ramifications come with that. So, I had this idea of planting a bee friendly garden this year to, hopefully, save some bees!

5. Machinery and Threshing Show. This was actually brought up by my mother in law. We were talking about how much our youngest child loves tractors. She was telling us about these tractor shows they went to when her kids (my husband and his brother) were little. After some research, I found they are still doing it. So we are hoping to go to that in July.

6. Birthdays. Our oldest son’s birthday is in June. He wants a pool party. We are trying to make that happen, but won’t know for sure until next week when I call the place again. Fingers crossed that there are life guards available – apparently there is a shortage of them this year…? Chris’ birthday is also in June. He never really wants to do anything specific, so I don’t have any solid plans.

7. House and Yard updates. I just have a lot of ideas going on right now. Hopefully, I am able to get a good majority of it done this Summer.

8. Tattoo. I have at least 2 ideas for tattoos that I want to get. One of which I need to get a design for and find an artist that can do the style I want.

9. Art. I have at least 2 art projects in mind. One is a painting and the other is tie dying tshirts.

10. Family pictures. I really want to get some updated family pictures. I am trying to decide between hiring someone to do it or doing it ourselves like we usually do. Decisions decisions.

On top of all these things, I just want to get outside more. Between the backyard, the zoo, parks, and hiking, I just want to get the family out in nature more. It is one of our happiest places.

… I think that was all that I had on my list for this Summer. Do you have a bucketlist for this Summer? Do you have Summer traditions? Let me know what this Summer will look like for you!


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