March 2021 Recap

I want to try something a little different this go-round. I want to see how many days I can “log” here for the month of March. Kind of like a daily diary, but all in one place for the month. Somedays may be boring, but I will still talk a little about what I did that day. Let’s see where this month takes me…

March 1

I slept decently, but still woke up to knees in my back from Bug. I laid there with my eyes closed for a bit, when I heard Pickle getting out of his bed across the hall. I waited to see where he was going to go as he knows chores come before screen time. Oh, I guess I should mention that we are quarantining from activities, including school, from the sickness we have going on here. On Friday Pickle had a temperature of 100.4 which happens to be the exact number to keep him out for 10 days, so that’s where we are. Not only is Pickle sick, but Bug and I are as well. Poor little guy has it worse than anyone. I have to get “the torture device” out, also known as the nose frieda or nose sucker, to suction his nose. It has been terrible!

Anyway, Pickle did make his bed and went downstairs. He came back up after only a few minutes and came in to wake me up to tell me he was done. By this point, Monkey and Bug, both who made their way into my bed at some point after Chris left for work, were awake. So we got up, made breakfast, worked on chores, dealt with muddy paw prints throughout the house from the dogs, and then ordered Panera for coffee (for me, Iced skinny chai tea latte) and bagels for the kids. I finished my chalkboard wall project and showed it to the kids. I also started a new rewards chart with fun stickers to reward the kids for finishing their chores, listening, and getting along. Hopefully it works, ha!

I did add more to my basement painting, but other than that I tried to keep it mostly chill. Oh! I almost forgot, on the 1st of every month I sit down and write my goals out, so I did do that too.

Movie of the day: I Care A Lot [Netflix]

March 2

Woke up to all 3 kids in my bed😳. The youngest (22 months) woke up before anyone and decided to vacuum my bedroom. The older 2 were fighting as soon as they woke up. I decided I would play music since that always makes everyone happier.

Song of the day: Footsteps by Pop Evil

I ordered new glasses and a home try on for prescription sunglasses, I have never had prescription sunglasses before and I think it will be awesome to have for driving, zoo days, race days, and everything in between.

We took our SUV to the transmission shop and had to pickup a rental. They gave us a red Mitsubishi Outlander and it smelled of weed so bad! I’m not antiweed, but I don’t choose it for myself. The smell of it makes me nauseous and even my kids were coughing instantly from it. We hoped that it just needed to air out and I put an air freshener in it.

March 3

I woke up to my 7 year old asking me if he can play fortnite. #1 chores first and #2 why do we not respect sleeping people 🥴. I wound up calling the car rental place asking if they clean between customers because of the smell situation. He said they do, but we can come exchange it if we want. Of course, I didn’t want to be subjected or subject my kids to the skunk smells and choking everytime we have to go in the car. As soon as I opened the door to the garage to load up the kids, we were all instantly gagging because the smell now encased the entire garage. Ugh! So my mom came over and we took the car back in exchange for a white Mitsubishi Eclipse. At least it doesn’t smell!

Chris and I are “celebrating” our 9 year wedding anniversary and 11 year together anniversary. Unfortunately, adulting takes up time and so that means having to work, we didn’t have any plans. I did get a beautiful bouquet of flowers🌻💐🌹.

It was a lovely day outside, low 60’s and sun shining! The kids and I spent some time in the garage and in the backyard. I wish the dogs would bag their own poop up, ugh. 🤣

March 4

Today was just a day. Everything was making me irritated. The kids constantly fighting, not listening, dogs eating food off the table, messes being made and not cleaned up. All I wanted to do was sleep. On a good note, our vehicle doesn’t need a whole transmission rebuild as of now. We went ahead and had them service it and then we picked it up. I did have my appointment to begin the process to start DBT. Hopefully the wait isn’t too far out. I just have no energy today, but at least the sun is out.

March 5

The sickness is still lingering around here, Bug and I still battling it. Everyone else seems to be fine now. After a quick breakfast, we opened Momma’s Hair Salon. This doll’s hair has been a mess since the day after Christmas basically. I had put it up in a pony tail, but as you can see it didn’t help much. So I spent a good 20 minutes detangling it and then braiding it. Hopefully it lasts a little while.

TMI, this morning I also had to deal with a constipated toddler. I always feel bad when it happens on their little bums. Luckily he finally got it out and felt a lot better instantly. Then I spent some time meal planning and placing our grocery order.

I did need to get the kids some shoes, so we made a quick trip to the resale store to get them some. Then I spent about 3 or 4 hours cleaning up the backyard, when all of a sudden I look and see this glorious sight.

Catch my sarcasm there? 😱😭 I swear if it isn’t one thing it is another. Needless to say the roofing company will be making their rounds here.

March 6

I did not sleep much. I was up with anxiety and sickness until nearly 5AM! Of course, no one in the house knew this at 830AM when they tried waking me up. Thankfully, my husband took all 3 kids out for a morning drive. He came back home with keto donuts and coffee for me. Hallelujah!

After about 30 minutes or so I got up, got dressed, and went back outside where I left off in the backyard. I decided I wanted to make an outline of bricks around the AC unit so we don’t need to mow and weed whack all the tiny nooks and crannies. Luckily I have stones laying around outback already. I had 3 bags of mulch left from last year, so I started with that. I need to make a firewood holder and get some more mulch to finish. But, here is where it’s at.

March 7

Got up around 830AM. We were waiting for the roofing guy to come, but he wound up forgetting since he doesn’t usually work Sunday’s. So we ran to the local hardware store and picked up some mulch. We started working on the backyard some and then the roofing guy came. We found out we don’t need a roof replacement just yet. I do have to make some more calls to find someone to add a fascia board that apparently someone forgot about (before we lived here). After he (the roofer) left, we moved all of our firewood and finished mulching. During the clean up stage, we dug up a ton of old tile that was buried behind our shed. Monkey was excited and kept a whole bucket full of the ones that were still in good shape.

I did get to take a long hot shower and then a little nap, which was nice. Luckily my throat is not sore today, but I do have a runny nose. Hopefully this means we are finally getting over whatever this illness is around here. It was definitely a windows open sort of day!

Shows to checkout on Netflix:

Fate: The Winx Saga


Canine Intervention

Murder Among The Mormons

March 8

Another busy morning around here today. Pickle is back at school now that he is symptom free. I have been working on my to do list for this week; cleaning out the Tupperware cabinet, making phone calls for the roof situation, vacuuming, doing and putting away laundry, washing spring clothes, tidying the little kid’s room, starting to plan and buy stuff for Bug’s 2nd birthday, bought myself some shoes and sandals to pickup from Target, did the dishes, parenting, and made my bed. That’s not everything on the list for this week, but it is certainly a start! At least it is another windows open sort of day!

After getting Pickle from school, we picked up the target order and went to the dollar tree. I actually had a worker stop me and say, “excuse me miss? Can you train other parents how to get their kids to stay by the cart?” I laughed and said, “it isn’t always like this!” Then she proceeded to tell me I should be hired to stand at the front door for training 🤣.

After getting home, the kids decided to play outside. I was going to add the meatballs to the soup I was making, but apparently they have disappeared! So now I have carrot, celery, and onion soup. Oh well, it’s nice outside, I will save that dilemma for later 😂.

March 9

Another day another, uhhhm, target run, hah! Woke up, woke the kids up, fed Pickle cereal, got them all in the SUV, and took Pickle to school. I did an order pickup for the meatballs that were missing from yesterday. That way we can have the Italian wedding soup that cooked nearly all day yesterday. Got home, put the items away, put away more laundry, got Bug dressed, and clipped both the little’s nails. I will be finishing the last load of laundry, doing dishes, cleaning off my dresser from when we rearranged our room, cleaning the airplane bathroom, steam mopping, picking Pickle up, making sure dinner is cooking, add some items to my poshmark closet, taking the dog to another vet check, and going to the gym. Busy busy!🌞

Everything is grouped and all the winter stuff got moved to the back! Organizing feels so good!

Song of the day: Wolf Totem by The Hu (featuring Jacoby from papa roach) the original is awesome too! There is also a version with Danny from From Ashes To New.

I did wind up going to Michaels, too. I got some stuff for Bug’s birthday and some stuff to try out water color painting.

March 10

I did not want to get out of bed today. I took an extra 5 minutes of laying there before getting up and waking up the kids. It must have rained early this morning. The ground is damp and it is windy and cloudy. After taking Pickle to school, we came home and grabbed yesterday’s mail. I did a home try on order from Warby Parker for sunglasses. We came in and I tried them on. Monkey thumbs upped to all of them. I think I have my favorite though.

I spent almost 2 hours just chilling out, playing a game on my phone, and listening to the little kids play. I finally decided I should get up and do something. I made some keto fat bombs and then set up the table for Monkey to paint the garden gnome she picked out. Bug has been whiney, but not wanting to nap. He also constantly is asking for snacks, as usual.

I started to finally put together the “momcave” room. It isn’t done yet, but progress is progress.

I don’t follow the news most days, but I just heard they have passed another stimulus package.

I just really don’t feel capable of doing much today. Im on that roller coaster of ups and downs. It is exhausting.

What to watch:

Biggie: I Got A Story To Tell

Murder to Mercy: The Cyntoia Brown Story

March 11

Still lacking energy today. After dropping Pickle off at school, I ran through McDonald’s for coffee. Cannot beat that 99 cent deal!

My face is having a flare up, which is rather annoying. I did do a face mask to see if that helps calm it down. While waiting the 15 minutes for it to “do it’s thing”, I went through the hamper of clothes that are no longer in season or don’t fit.

I had to pick up Pickle early from school because of my appointment. After my appointment, Chris got home with just enough time to spare for the home improvement guy to get here. He was here for almost an hour. After he left I headed to the gym. It was really busy there so I didn’t wind up doing the leg machines that I wanted to, but that’s okay. I came home, made dinner, did dishes, and now am wanting to just chill out.

March 12

Woke up, got dressed, got the kids up, made cereal for Pickle, paid bills, and took him to school. Stopped at McDonald’s again for coffee and muffins for the kids. I am still lacking energy and motivation today. I really hate the feeling. My daughter has been getting under my skin to no fault of her own really. Yet it still makes me flustered and feeling entirely overwhelmed. Another reason DBT is needed I think. I want to get away from my house today. I hate that my dog has meds that make him pee in the house. I have shampooed the carpets so many times and the smell still is there. It’s embarrassing and makes me feel gross. Ugh!

My mom is coming over for me to draw some things for my nephew’s birthday. Then I will have to pick up Pickle, take the other dog to the vet for her shot, pickup our groceries, and come back home. All I want to do is be left alone today and vegetate.

March 13 & 14

It was a roller coaster of a weekend. The start of a panic has been lingering and I have no idea why. We did venture out some over the weekend; running errands. It was raining basically all weekend, but it was actually quite nice. We did spend a little bit of time outside/in the garage Saturday before it was pouring too much. Chris did some minor work to his “new” vehicle. The kids and I did some chalk art on the garage floor. Another person was supposed to come check out our roof situation, but never showed.

Most of the day Sunday I vegetated until the last possible minute. I woke up having the chest pain that comes with my panic attacks and that makes it difficult to want to do anything. I got up when Chris’ parents got here for a short visit, showered, and put myself together before making my appearance. After they left we did go to Scooters, the At Home store, and then Smoothie King for the kids. We had a family movie night watching the new Croods movie, which was pretty good. I started compiling my list for Easter baskets as well.

March 15

The kids actually let me sleep in today, but it didn’t really matter since the dream I had made me even more exhausted. I did a little bit of online shopping for myself, working on that wardrobe! I haven’t felt like doing much of anything today, but I did put away some laundry. That counts as something right? I really dislike these mood swings and hormonal shifts.

We are still trying to find someone to fix our roof situation. The last guy stood us up and the guy before him definitely wasn’t putting off good energy.

I did get to go to the gym today, woohoo! Followed by cooking a keto version of a shrimp broil.

March 16

Barely slept last night. Had a hard time getting the kids to go to bed then having time to wind myself down. After taking Pickle to school we came back home and I wound up falling asleep for about an hour. Woke up, got ready for the gym, took the kid’s to my mom’s so my stepdad can watch them while we went. After the gym I hung out at my moms for about an hour. Picked up Pickle from school and came home. The rest is sort of a blur.

March 17

I don’t really celebrate St. Patrick’s day. I did make sure the kids wore green incase pinching was still a thing. I still have been having a rough time, so I spent the whole morning doing nothing other than making sure everyone stays alive. In the afternoon, we picked up Pickle, grabbed some food, and came home. I had enough time to eat and get the kids ready, again, to run an errand. I had to drive 20-25 minutes [one way] to pickup my DBT workbook and contract. We came back home and then started to get ready to take Monkey to gymnastics. Tonight I took her by myself. After class they were handing out ribbons and she didn’t get one. She was so upset she came out crying. I had to explain you don’t win every time and that the more she practices the better she will get. She is still really new to the group and does need some more upper body strength. I had taken notice to some of the things she was struggling with; 1. Hopping on one foot (she has a bone in her foot that is abnormal so I wonder if that is why) 2. Upper body strength and 3. the Hoola hoop. I knew she was upset and thought maybe we should get some things for her to practice at home since she only goes once a week for an hour. We decided to go to target and find a hoolahoop. Of course, she wanted everything else she saw as well. She seems better now. After getting home, it was bath time for everyone and then bed. I am doing some mental unloading into my journal and watching/listening to theWads on YouTube.

March 18

Oh the struggle saga continues. I had an intense dream and wound up snoozing my alarm three times. Each time I fell back asleep and dreamed about weird things. How am I able to have a full dream in a 5 minute span? Does anyone else have that? Anyway, I felt like a zombie this morning. Luckily we made it to school on time and then I decided to be “naughty” and go to Burger King. I did not get anything keto and honestly haven’t really been as strict the last few days. I don’t know what is going on. I think I need to plan a vacation.

I wound up forcing myself to wash my hair, get dressed, and put on some lipstick. After getting Pickle from school we stopped at dairy queen and headed home to play outside. As the kids played, I decided to finally paint this piece of the tree we cut last year.

Can you see how much motivation I don’t have this last week with how many times we have eaten out? Ugh. Pitiful.

Chris got home early for once! I wound up tidying up the living room and he helped rearrange some furniture. He made pizza for dinner and I just munched on some cheese slices and pepperoni. I just haven’t been feeling all that great.

March 19

Today marks 2 years since my water broke at Walmart at 29 weeks pregnant. So crazy how fast time goes!

I spent the morning making more phone calls to contractors and messaging my doctors for some more testing. I just want to be the best version of myself and this constant go round of obstacles just seems too persistent. I wound up zonking out from being so exhausted.

After getting Pickle from school, we came back home and I had a therapy appointment. Once my appointment was over (via zoom), I made sure all the kids were properly dressed for a public outing. Chris mentioned he felt like going to do something. The only thing for certain was picking up my Michael’s order.

After he got home, we got ready and headed out. First stop was Chris’ chiro appointment. While waiting for him I was dealing with obnoxious children. After he came out, the kids decided they wanted pizza from the food truck that happened to be in the parking lot. Chris went and ordered it and we waited about 10 minutes or so before it was ready.

It was a sausage pizza, but it had some kind of peppers in their home made sauce. Pickle wasn’t the biggest fan, but everyone else was happy. After the pizza we headed to Michael’s to pickup my item. Not knowing what to do and Bug fell asleep, we decided to go to At&t so Chris could get a new phone. Well unbeknownst to me, I wound up waiting in the car for TWO HOURS. Originally he took Monkey in with him, which was my attempt to keep her and Pickle separate so they wouldn’t fight. Bug wound up waking up and being extremely irritable. We tried singing and comforting him to no avail. Finally, I put on Peter Rabbit on my phone and he finally calmed down. At about 1.5 hours in, Pickle had to go to the bathroom. I sent him in with Chris. Bug and I stayed out in the car. He was pretending he was driving and munching on the pizza that was left.

Finally they all 3 came out and we headed to Target. We needed to get a handheld carpet shampooer for our stairs. The dog wound up peeing again after we already did the whole basement carpet. So, we needed to extract all of it and the shampooer we have doesn’t do justice on the stairs (doesn’t have an attachment). We wound up getting the shampooer, a cd, a kids anger management workbook, a new switch controller, a gift bag, and some hand soap.

By this time, when we got out of Target, it was 10PM. The kids were asking for ice cream and I just wanted some coffee. (I enjoy the flavor, it doesn’t really hype me up). Chris drove us to Sonic and we had a little ice cream date. Everyone was happy and ready to go home. We did shampoo the stairs and basement landing area. But, I realized the new little handheld machine was missing the brush piece. We get to have the fun in returning that item this weekend. Yay.

[P.s. we have now blocked off all carpeted areas from the dog. The medication he is on, makes him feel immense thirst, which then makes him have to constantly pee.]

March 20

When I woke up this morning, I had hoped to get some extra much needed sleep in. Unfortunately, that wasn’t really the case. Luckily though, I was able to nap.

After said nap, I got up, showered, and got ready to go to my sister’s house for my nephew’s birthday party. We did stop at taco bell on the way, I got a ketofied powerbowl and some iced coffee. The birthday party was mostly fun. We did have to deal with some chaos like a fist fight at one point and many children having emotional break downs at the end. Overall we all had a good time though.

March 21

March 22

It’s 2:12PM and I think this is the first time I have been able to go pee since 8AM🤣. Woke up, got dressed, got the kids dressed and fed, loaded up the car, and headed out. Pickle had his first orthodontist appointment this morning. After we were done there we stopped and got coffee from Dunkin Donuts. Followed by a Target run to return a few items. I bought the kids a few clothing items and a couple activity sets for next week for Spring Break. I had to pickup lunch for the kids. We stopped at Goodwill to donate a box of kids books, went and picked up my meds from the pharmacy, got gas, and then picked up our groceries.

After getting home we unloaded all the bags. I put everything away, washed all the fruit and cut it up and put it all into containers. I made some keto brownies and then had to make some phone calls.

I had a plumber come to check out a leak in the garage. Luckily it was someone we knew. Now he recommended an HVAC person to come out. We still need someone to fix the roof situation, but they all seem too damn busy to get it done asap. Which sucks because it is raining!

I put away 2 hampers full of laundry while simultaneously eating pepperoni and a cheese stick. I still have more to wash though. I have a giant to-do list this week! We did finish the evening with a movie night watching Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory.

March 23

I did not sleep well last night at all. Joint pain, anxiety, and the constant spiral of things I want to do. Nonetheless, I had to get the kids up and take Pickle to school. When the littles and I got home we decided to watch Monsters Inc. and just chill for a bit. I did fold some towels and put them away.

I had to take the dog to the vet, again, to check his ear infection. Luckily it is finally clear! After the vet appointment I had a zoom meeting for a human design reading. It was so awesome!! Minus the part where Bug tried to drink a bottle of baby cough syrup and at the end where Bug tried escaping through the garage.

I made the kids some lunch and then finally got a call from the HVAC company that they were in route. I wound up having to hurry up and pickup Pickle 15 minutes early from school. The hvac guy came, couldn’t do anything about the leak, but did do a tune up on the furnace. I did do the dishes afterwards. Finally, I was allowed to sit for a little bit before my first DBT session. After DBT, we had tacos for dinner. By this point I had a major headache and just wanted to lay down. All of a sudden I hear Monkey yelling for me because Bug was putting something in the toilet. Luckily Chris was home and went to see what the commotion was. Bug took a whole bottle of kids conditioner and squeezed it into the toilet. Good gravy, I am ready for bed.

Instead, I decided to fold and put away another hamper full of laundry.


March 24

Woke up early, but still having a major headache. I got the kids up a little bit earlier than normal. I told Pickle if he gets dressed fast enough we would swing through Burger King for breakfast (he usually is at school if we go). He was excited about it. I figured maybe coffee would help the headache, even though I have been trying to get off coffee again. We went through BK, ate in the parking lot, and then headed to school. On the way back home, I remembered I placed a target driveup order so we waited a couple minutes in the driveway to see if it was ready. Luckily for me, it was ready. So we ventured back out to get the order (egg fillers for Bug’s birthday, some diaper rash cream, a new teeth whitening kit, and some keto cookies). I vacuumed the house and started to steam mop the kitchen.

Around 10AM my mom and stepdad came over so my mom and I could go to the gym. We were there for about an hour. I was able to shower when I got home. Made a couple of phone calls and then the doorbell rang. It was UPS delivering my test kits from Everlywell. I had to prick 2 fingers which was interesting. Somehow I ended up in the dining room putting together Easter eggs for Bug’s birthday “party”. My phone alarm went off telling me it was time to get Pickle from school.

March 25

Another unmotivated morning. Probably because Wednesday’s tend to be really busy for us.

I won’t lie, I vegetated until I had to get Pickle from school. After school we made one Target run and came home. I rearranged and cleaned our bedroom and put a new bedding set on. When Chris was on his way home, I mentioned I saw a deal on Target for nightstands/end tables that were 45% off. We have been in the market for matching ones for a few years. We wound up placing another Target order for the tables and some diapers. It didn’t take long for it to be ready to pick up.

After getting home, we brought stuff in, put the tables in our room, and then I deep cleaned our bathroom.

Cleaning it makes me want to redo it though. Hopefully soon! So many plans in the coming year!

March 26

Woke up, weighed in, made my bed, got the kids up and fed, took Pickle to school, and then came home and paid bills. I also had to make more phone calls to find someone who is available to fix our dang gutter. Apparently they are in high demand these days. So much so, that they don’t get back with people. 😒🥴

I decided to tackle my mom cave today. Tried to get everything in its place. I still need a place to display my legos and then wall decor. But, I am happy about having my own little art room.

I felt like I was crashing pretty hard afterwards. As much as I enjoy the flavors of coffee, I have been trying to come off of it (daily consumption) again. My brain and eyes just want to sleep. However, my kids do not. They played with playdoh and then had me read 5 books to them. I finally got them out of their pajamas. I took the last half hour before leaving to get Pickle to do my face mask. As well as some more window shopping. Is 400$ too much for a mirror? 🥴😅

March 27

Barely slept last night, maybe 3 or 4 hours total. I think it was about 8AM when Bug came in looking for morning snuggles. The older 2 kids were already awake and watching t.v. downstairs. It wasn’t long before Monkey must’ve heard my eyes open and made her way in as well. We wound up video chatting Chris for a bit [he was at work].

I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do today, even though I have this whole list of things. I decided since almost all of the things listed required going to the hardware store, I should go ahead and get that done. I figured we all needed to eat as well, but I made a goal of no more fast food. So, I took all 3 kids to Village Inn by myself. I am pretty proud of myself as that has always been something I never thought I could do alone. I did and we were all happy the whole time! After brunch, we went to Lowes. We got what we needed, looked at some things that we didn’t, and the kids even picked out a treat for themselves. We checked out and then headed to get our groceries. By time we got home, Chris was home from work. He and the kids carried everything inside, we put things away, and then I went to change into my get messy clothes.

I finally am starting to refinish our dining set. I got 1 chair and one bench sanded so far.

While in the garage sanding away, a utility van pulled up. We had totally forgotten that they were coming to install some meter thing. The guy was only here for maybe 15 minutes. Once I finished sanding the bench, Chris left to go help our friend with his turtle tank. While he was gone I did change out of my dust clothes and read some things on my phone. On his way home, he picked up pizza. Good ol cheap Little Caesar’s pizza. We ate in the livingroom since our chairs were apart and in the garage. While eating we watched Nailed It. My kids love that show!

We wound up deciding to go look at the thrift store for some of the items on my list. Unfortunately, it was more of a bust trip. Afterwards, we picked up yet another order from Target🤣🎯. By this point I was really dragging. I asked Chris to stop for coffee. I have really been liking the blended pot of gold drink from Scooters.

We got home and started moving things to prepare for a bonfire in the driveway. The kids had been asking for a couple of weeks to have a bonfire and smores. So we did just that. It wound up being pretty chilly, so we came inside after about an hour or so.

I think it was around 9PM when we came inside. Finally it was time for bed. Or was it!? The 2 littles zonked out pretty quickly. Chris fell asleep talking to me and looking at things on his phone. I laid in bed for maybe 20 minutes after his first snore, playing my game and watching a little YouTube. I remembered that I needed to grab the laundry from the dryer and move stuff over from the washer to the dryer. On the way downstairs, I decided to go ahead and vacuum and shampoo the floors again. Before getting all the way to the basement, I wound up also doing the dishes.

I vacuumed and shampooed 2 sets of stairs and part of the basement. Brought the machines and clean laundry upstairs. I cleaned out the machine in the sink and took out all of the garbage to the garage. I figured it would be nice not to have to do a million things tomorrow, so I took the clean laundry to Pickle’s room to fold and hang up. [He decided to camp out in the livingroom].

Once I finished that basket, I took it back to the basement. I went to switch the loads again, but the towels still were not dry. So, I restarted the towels and came upstairs to shower.

It is now 1245AM after said shower and I am beat.

March 28

My internal clock must finally be feeling consistent. Today I woke up before anyone else! Usually when that happens, I go back to sleep. Today I thought I could get some more things done if I get up now. So, I got up and went to the basement to get the towels from the dryer and throw another load in. I folded and put the towels away.

Everyone woke up not too long after that. Chris decided that we should go to breakfast at the cafe in our little downtown area. Pickle was awfully cranky today, but the show must go on! After breakfast we stopped back at home really quick and then took the kids to the park. We spent quite a bit of time there.

We decided to go look at patio furniture. We wound up going to 2 different stores and leaving with nothing. We did stop for coffee and the kids got some fruit flavored drinks from Dunkin (so much for no drive thrus!😅). After the running around, we came home and I finished sanding all of the dining chairs. I think it took about 2 hours.

We wound up reheating leftovers for dinner and watched the new Spongebob movie.

Once the kids were in bed, Chris and I started making plans to build a deck. I also did my full moon ritual and played my island game on my phone.

March 29

The first official day of spring break for us. I took the kids to the zoo. We were there for somewhere around 4 hours.

After getting home from the zoo, I threw some laundry in and did the dishes. I had thrown the meat in the crockpot before we left for the zoo, so for dinner I just had to make the sides. Since our dining table project is still not quite done, we ate while watching the movie Inside Out in the livingroom. After cleaning up,I set up the egg dying stuff on the table.

We wound up watching Cars 3 per Bug’s request and then it was bed time. Even though I am completely exhausted, I decided to take a bath. It was a good day.

March 30

Woke up not wanting to get out of bed. My therapist says I need to keep occupied so I considered my to do list, looking for a reason to get out of the house. Settled on taking 2 of my art pieces to get custom framed. At the store, we spent about 15 minutes picking out frames and mattes. Once we had our order in, we ventured around looking at decor. The 2 older kids would not stop fighting. I was really wearing my patience thin today. I wound up leaving my one item I had picked out on some random shelf and we left.

The situation was just too much for everyone, so I figured it was best to remove ourselves and just go home. When we got home, the kids went in and made themselves some lunch. I stayed in the car for a few minutes talking to Chris to try and chill out. It helped.

I came in, switched some laundry around, and then brought the clean stuff upstairs. On my way up, I cleaned out the shoe bench. I vacuumed it out and then also vacuumed the entry way. I made my way up to my bedroom where i folded and hung up the laundry. I wound up placing a Target order for a few organizational items. Bug fell asleep so I decided now was the time to start painting the dining set.

I only got the bench and one chair done before my DBT group. DBT lasted 2 hours and afterwards it was dinner time. After dinner we headed out on a scavenger hunt trying to find an easter egg. Our insurance agent has 10 eggs in town somewhere and if you find one you get an easter basket. It’s just something fun and free to do. We took the dogs with us and looked at 4 or 5 places based on the clues. No luck. We stopped at a park and we took the dogs around the path. We wound up having a family run, which was interesting (I ran carrying Bug and holding onto my dog).

We brought the dogs home and then stopped at a gas station for some drinks. We were going to go to the pet store, but decided to go check one more location for an egg instead. Still no luck. So, we just came home. It’s now 1042PM and the 2 boys are still up. Im working on my checkmarks on my to do list trying to plan my tomorrow. I did have to put in a Target order for 2 items for tomorrow.

March 31

Another day of not wanting to get out of bed. But, I had to get that order and feed the kids, so up I went. When I got back home, I was in my feels. Or, I guess the opposite, nearly feeling numb. Taking a look in my room, I decided I need to tackle the laundry baskets and the clutter going on. I built the shoe rack I picked up yesterday, organized both of our closets, and took everything off the table tops and put it all on the bed to be dealt with. The kids are playing nicely today, so that has been helpful.

After finishing my bedroom, I made lunch. I moved the dining room around a little bit to prep for painting. I still need to do the dishes and tidy up the kitchen. As well as finish painting the dining set before I start the walls. I am losing motivation, so I am going to take a break for a bit then get back to it. Hopefully Bug takes a nap. Monkey has gymnastics tonight and I am hoping to go to the gym.

Trying to remain productive when you just don’t feel like doing anything is challenging sometimes.

Looking back at the month though, a lot has happened and a lot has been accomplished! I’d say it was a pretty succuessful March.

Up next…April🌸🌺🌻🌞☔🌈🚗🗺

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