My Human Design

I have always found astrology interesting. In high school, I remember reading Cosmo just for the horoscopes and random quizzes. In my everlasting search for my identity whether religious or a driven purpose, I just never felt like I could find “my thing”.

It wasn’t until a couple of months ago when I had a conversation with my sister in law, that something finally clicked. It started with moon rituals, candles, and crystals. A few weeks ago, she enlightened me with something called human design.

Human design is a system of principles that were brought together by astrology, the chakra system, and quantum physics. It creates a map for each unique person based on their birth day, birth time, and birth place. It serves as a guide to each unique person’s life. There are said to be 5 human design types; Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector, and Reflector.

In this conversation with my sister in law, she was starting to look up everyone in our family’s type. When she put in my information, she became extremely excited. At this point, this was the first I had heard of all of this. I didn’t understand the excitement, but quickly became interested.

I learned that I am a reflector. Only about 1.5% of the human population are reflectors. I have always known that in some way I was just different, like an unspoken sort of different.

The following weekend we were at my sister’s for our nephew’s birthday party. My sister in law told me she had won a giveaway for a human design reading and that she was gifting it to me! I mean, how incredible is she!? I was so excited, but, still wasn’t entirely sure all about what human design meant. The readings can be hard to decipher for me sometimes, but I was so excited and humbled that she thought of me. I immediately messaged the woman who she won the giveaway from. After a couple days of back and forth, we finally had scheduled the reading.

I had the absolute pleasure of having a reading done by A Master Esthetician and Beauty Healer, Makaela MacLean, from Crafted Beauty. Find her on Instagram HERE!! I learned so much in the hour we spent talking! I won’t share it all, but here are some of the things she shared with me.

Relfectors are considered a “non energy being”. All of the 9 energies in a reflector are undefined. Meaning there is no specific path I must take, but more so just go along for the ride and see what happens. I don’t need to have a set purpose! Reflectors are meant to be the heart of the community and can tell when that community is or isn’t well. Because of this, Reflectors take and reflect back the energy and emotions to the community. Makaela even said, chances are if someone doesn’t “like” me it’s because I am reflecting themselves to them and so they technically do not “like” themselves for the same reason.

Reflectors are the only ones that are ruled by the moon instead of the Sun. I thought that was awesome as I have always been a night person and moon dweller. The moon cycle is suppose to guide me through decision making. It takes the entire lunar cycle [a month] to have clarity and action on big decisions.

One of the biggest things that I learned was that, as a reflector, I am always taking on other people’s energy and emotions. While, I have always considered myself an empath, I never was able to separate myself from other’s feelings/energy. One thing Makaela mentioned was that every day I need to cleanse myself of everyone else’s energies. I need to have a space of my own that I can do this in so that I am not absorbing, but instead letting go of what is not my own. [Ironically, I am in the midst of creating a momcave.]

There was so much more that I learned, but I am still processing it all. I think it is such a unique way of living, but apparently it has been “a thing” for years now. Everything that she said, was totally relatable to my entire life. I highly recommend at least looking into your own design. I also highly recommend Makaela for the more in depth readings/learning about yourself!

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