Side Part and Skinny Jeans

If you are internet or social media savvy, I am sure you have seen the whole side part and skinny jeans debacle. I saw it on an Instagram story first.

First of all, being a mom of 3 and in my 30s, I think I am fully capable and confident in deciding how I should look. This includes how I wear my hair, the makeup I choose to put on if I do, and the clothes that I wear. I do not let society and it’s “trends” dictate my life. I wear what I want, when I want to. I do not limit myself to what is “in fashion” in the media.

Secondly, where does this information even come from? I am pretty sure younger generations do not really give a rats ass about what older people are wearing. Even if they did care, why the hell are we letting them decide what we should and should not look like? I have been working on myself a lot longer than they have even been alive. Why would I let that diminish the person I have worked so hard to become?

In middle school I was highly aware of people’s fashion choices. It took me a long time to not care about how others viewed me so long as I was happy with how I view myself. That is what really matters. I actually read somewhere that this whole thing started from an older person who must have just felt judged in someway by a younger person. But should that one person really be allowed to dictate the fashion industry or people’s self esteem? I say no!

And lastly, these fashions are not even necessarily new to the world. Mom jeans and crop tops were a thing long before 2020. Just as skinny jeans were a thing in the 80s, too. Side parts and middle parts, pretty sure those have been around for forever as well.

Why are people getting so obsessed over this?

Be yourself, dress how you want in the way that makes you feel the best about yourself. Give a 🖕 to anyone who thinks they have a say in it. You do you and keep on walkin!

End rant

2 replies to “Side Part and Skinny Jeans

    1. Absolutely!! I have been staying off of social media most days. I have Facebook disabled all of the time now and only get on maybe once a week if that. I do use Instagram daily, but it’s more so a cure for boredom lol. I don’t let any of it dictate how I live my life. I wish others would do the same! I hope you have a fabulous lunch!!

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