January 2021 Recap

I know I keep saying this, but where does time go? 30 days just seems to go by in the blink of an eye. I am starting to have more memory issues these days because of this speed up of time. As much as I don’t want to, I do forget the things I want to remember. I want to try to do a recap every month this year so that I have some concrete memories. Of course I am meaning the stuff outside of our every day routine like meals, school, and cleaning.

January recap.

I rang in the new year, cuddling my youngest son when he woke up suddenly after the clock struck midnight. We watched the skyline of fireworks from my daughter’s bedroom window (she and my eldest son were at my sister’s for a little shindig).

We celebrated my daughter’s 4th birthday, twice, or 3 times I guess you could say. On the day of her actual birthday, I decorated [peppa pig theme], made her a cake, and had what she requested for dinner (corn dogs and mac n cheese). My parents and sister wound up being here and we let her open her presents. One of her gifts from us was we signed her up for gymnastics!

The day after her birthday, I did her 4th birthday photo shoot. I always do my kid’s pictures for their birthdays to what they are into or request to do for it. This year, she wanted to dress as Alice from Alice in wonderland. So, I set up a little tea party photo shoot for her. It turned out so cute!

And then lastly, she was very concerned about not having her family come over because of corona virus. We had debated back and forth on what to do, beings it’s the dead of winter. I didn’t think we could pull off a drive up, but we did just that! We handed out donuts, a snack mix, and pink hot chocolate for anyone who came. It was short lived, but she was so happy to be able to see people.

Now that Christmas is over I decided to change up my hair again. In doing so, my oldest decided he wanted to dye his hair. We wound up bleaching it and then dying it with the red I had on hand. He seems to really like it.

I have been trying to be more present and not focusing so much on my phone. In doing that though, I have missed opportunities to take pictures of certain things. We went to a prehistoric putt putt golf course. It was pretty cool and fun. We decluttered A LOT of the house, the areas we don’t go in often like the basement storage. I went from like 6 totes, 2 boxes, 4 cube bins, and a bag to 2 totes and 2 bins. The rest went to the goodwill. I also rearranged my bedroom. We did have some snow drop in! I think we had like 14 or 15 inches.

I did have the pleasure of doing a little gender reveal for my best friend. I really wanted it to be based on her favorite disney movie, Sleeping Beauty. I decorated, made a cake, and did a sort of scavenger hunt for her to find out what she is having.

And then last but not least here are the most recent pictures of my little Bug. I cannot believe he is going to be 2 in a few months.

Besides that it’s the same ole same around here. Cooking, cleaning, dance parties, playing video games, and taking as many naps as I can!🤣

On to February!

Xoxo jenn

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