Reflecting On Last Year’s Bucket List

I was going through my past blogs, I do that sometimes, and stumbled on my 2020 bucket list. I thought it would be fun to go through it again and see what was accomplished and what wasn’t.

I had 22 items on my list, let’s see here…

1. My main item for 2020 was to see a real life waterfall.

-We had a trip booked, but the schools were not wanting people to travel because of covid, so we canceled it. Maybe this year though!

2. Figure out a name for my new “business” idea.

-I did wind up naming it, but have since figured out I prefer to just have one to maintain instead of multiple.

3. Redecorate the kid’s bedrooms.

-I did get Bug’s room done. Monkey’s room didn’t really need a full redo. She got a new bed and a couple new wall decor items. Pickle got an organizational update and a wall sticker, but nothing too crazy. They are content.

4. Have an epic Halloween costume.

I wound up being oogie boogie. I spent too much time and money on it for a 1 time event, but I really couldn’t help myself (and never do for Halloween).

5. Figure out what the heck to get the kids for Christmas this year.


6. Lose at least 60 pounds.

-giant fail, oops

7. Monthly date nights.

-that didn’t happen

8. Paint more and sew more.

-I did paint a lot! I did sew some masks and a few random things.

9. Take the family stargazing.


10. Replace ugly light fixtures in the house.

-We got one replaced. I have the one for my bedroom waiting to go up.

11. Tear up the front lawn.

-we did try the best we could, but it was not sufficient enough. We will have to do it again.

12. Build a deck and privacy fence.

-nope, didn’t happen!

13. Get my horse painting framed.

-nope, still isn’t done.

14. Get new pots and pans.

-I did get them for Christmas!

15. Have a backyard dinner party.

-we had a backyard snacks party, does that count?

16. Go day exploring.

We did some geocaching.

17. Have a weekend getaway for just Chris and I.

-nope, didn’t happen. I should probably get on this for this year!

18. Dance in the rain.


19. Eat vegetables from our garden.

-Sadly, they never pollinated!

20. Make no plans and stay home for a full weekend once a month.

-We did do this a lot more often!

21. Write more.

-This has carried into my 2021 goals

22. Take more pictures and videos.

-definitely have been!

Were you able to complete your bucketlist for last year? Or were you more like me and only accomplished maybe half of it?


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