January Reset: Action Steps

What is the point in making goals if you don’t make a plan to reach them? I feel like most goals are just like random thoughts and ideas that we have on what we would like to do or get done. If we actually take the time to write these things down; number one, they will less likely be forgotten and number two, you can take it further by adding in the plans on how you are going to get there.

The final section of the January reset tag is action steps.

Number 1. Action steps for this year.

-exercise more

-stay on keto for more than 3 months

-save more, spend less on “wants” with the exception of experiences

-don’t give up

Number 2. Action steps for the next 9 months.

-set goal reminders to keep going

Number 3. Action steps for the next 6 months.

-save money

-keep a journal of progress

-keep moving forward

Number 4. Action steps for the next 3 months.

-keep saving money

-plan and book our summer vacation

-buy a swimsuit I love on my body

Number 5. Action steps for the next 6 weeks.

-continue to put money into separate funds

-continue to look for a work from home job if one hasn’t been found

-give myself positive self talk and remind me of what I want

-find an exercise activity or start at the gym again

Number 6. Action steps for the next month.

– putting money into vacation fund

– have a daily routine that includes time for myself, write it down

– reminding myself why I want to hit my target weight.

Number 7. Action steps for the next week.

What can be done this week to get me closer to achieving my goals.

-make a goal poster

-building a capsule wardrobe

-looking into vacation costs and having a plan for making that happen

-find a book dedicated to trust issues

-staying motivated to my weight goal

Basically, write things down and keep reminding myself of the why and how.


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