January Reset: Goals

I like to think I am a goal oriented person. Sometimes though, my wants and needs get pushed aside to take care of others first. 2020 taught me a lot about taking a step back and putting myself ahead. In a way 2020 was a blessing in disguise. There weren’t any forceful feelings of obligation to do things that would make me stressed or go against the goals I was wanting to achieve. Now that I am being more mindful and intent with myself, I can focus on the goals I want to accomplish this year.

Part 3 of the January Reset tag is, you guessed it, goals.

1. A personal goal for this year.

I have a lot of personal goals this year. But, the overall big picture goal is to continue being intent with my wants and needs and not putting myself last.

2. A work goal for this year.

As a stay at home mom, I do not personally earn an income, but it certainly does feel like work everyday. I have been thinking more about contributing to the household income, even though we do fine without it. I have been looking into, and even did apply for a few, work from home jobs. We will see where the year takes me I guess.

3. A health goal for this year.

I am continually working on all aspects of my health, physical and mental. My goals are to get to my goal weight and to work on my trust issues.

4. A relationship goal for this year.

This one feels difficult for me, because I don’t have that many relationships in the first place. I do better mentally when I have close relationships, but fewer. Part of me wants to say consider revisiting my position on the relationships we halted years back. At the same time, it doesn’t feel worth it if I am the only one giving. I really don’t need the toxicity they brought to me again. But, I am not so completely closed minded from it either. I don’t know. Not really a goal I can think of for relationships that I’m not already consistent with.

5. A “build my future” goal for this year.

My ideal future wouldn’t look that different from what it looks like now from an outsider’s perspective. My goal is to experience more, let go more, and do things I may not normally want to try.

6. A friendship goal for this year.

I really only have 3 friends that are not technically family. It is hard to have concrete goals with the pandemic. I guess, being first to say, “hey what is up”, more often could be a goal.

7. A home goal for this year.

We actually knocked out a bunch of this today! Reorganization and decluttering, it is so freeing. My goal is to have a more simple and easier to manage home.

What are your 7 goals for this year? Let me know!


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