Blogmas 2020: day 18

Today was the last day of school for the year. Pickle is pretty excited about that. He probably thinks he is going go be playing fortnite all day every day. Little does he know mom has a plan!

Let’s start off by saying, my kids have to earn their technology. They have chores that they have to complete before they are allowed screen time of any kind. During the school year, I made both older kids [7 years and 3 years] 2 different chore charts; one for school days and one for weekends. Age appropriate chores of course. However, now that the break has begun, there needs to be some added structure or else things will get a bit ridiculous around here.

Not only are chores going to change, but I am hoping that so will their eating habits. I swear they just want to eat all day long. Now, my kids are not overweight by any means, but I have noticed they are getting pudgier these days. The lack of structured activities has made them bored, which makes them want to eat. It also means they aren’t getting as much movement to help maintain a healthy lifestyle.

So, on top of their household chores to contribute to the family, they will also have a structured learning activity and structured exercise before they will be able to have their devices. I think they will mostly be excited about it as I am doing my best to make it fun for them. Pickle has a hard time focusing so the learning portion may daunt him a little. He needs the structure more than anyone else though (if he only understood that). Plus, I like to keep his mind fresh so he isn’t struggling when school starts again.

Kids winter exercise activities

Hopefully these changes will help us all keep our sanity during the winter break!


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