Blogmas 2020: day 15

Tips on how to deal with holiday stress..

Tip #1.

Do not over commit yourself. Don’t feel bad for saying no. Don’t feel obligated for the sake of the holiday.

Tip # 2.

It is okay to take the “easy way”. For instance, don’t feel like making Christmas cookies but still want to enjoy some? Buy premade ones from the store. They all come out the same way so what is the point in making it stressful?

Tip #3.

It is okay to minimally decorate, or not even decorate at all. Holidays still happen whether we go all out or not.

Tip #4.

It is okay to put yourself first. Yes it is the spirit of giving, but you can’t give on an empty tank!

Tip #5.

Christmas outfits and nail art does not matter! Do you really need to buy an outfit just for this one day? I dare you to find something you already own and go with clean, but unpolished nails. Tell me if anyone makes comments about it. I bet they won’t.

Tip #6.

Boundaries are perfectly acceptable if you have to be around toxic family members.

Tip #7.

Realize that real life does not look like an Instagram posed photo. Quit comparing yourself to others. Especially those who are being paid to fake it.

Tip #8.

Make yourself a drink. Get in the hot bath and lock the damn door. Re-fucking-lax!

And there you have it. My 8 tips on dealing with holiday stress.



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