Blogmas 2020: day 9

“All my friends are heathens take it slow…”

That song comes to mind a lot lately. You see, we have this elf that comes to visit us every December. Last year was his first year here and he caused some serious mayhem! I call him our heathen because he is always leaving me messes to clean up.

The kids named him Bob.

Bob came back December first and has been getting himself into mischief. Luckily, not as crazy as his first year (so far anyway).

They want to find Bob first thing every morning. Even Bug says “Bob” and tries finding him. It is so cute.

His presence helps remind the children that they need to be good. They aren’t 100% perfect angels, but they are just kids. They are still learning. I am all for things that help make it a little bit easier (less fighting and screaming), even if that means I have a little extra work at night.


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